Manipal has got hope afterall!

At least in the ethical department! Small incident that happened today.

My motorcycle’s left rear view mirror decided to break off in the morning as soon as I reached the clinic.  I looked at it, figured oh well, shit happens and that I’d buy a new one in the afternoon.  It had lost it’s tightness for a few days anyway.  I took out the mirror stem? The part that screws on to the handlebar and put it aside.  Went home for lunch, got back and parked my bike in the same spot.  The things were still lying in view on the side.

When I got back from the clinics and went to the bike I noticed that not only was the mirror fixed to the “stem” but it was also attached to the bike.  I was shocked.  I lost hope in this town for nice things from random people in the first month or week of 1st year. An to be honest I actually don’t recall any random individual doing something like this.  However small it might be.  It was significant enough for me to send out a silent thank you in the air.

I needed to blog about this cuz all I’ve ever done till now and I’ll be honest that was due to my experiences was to berate this town mostly and most of the people.  I’ve had my reasons.  Tons of them.  But this was like light at the end of a tunnel.

Interesting isn’t it, how all the bad things I’ve said and I’ve recalled and I’ve blogged about, all are there, but the weight of this simple act of kindness takes precedence over them all.  I finally have a memory .. correction a nice memory of something in Manipal.

There is hope after all in this town.  Not a one way street.


  1. There are blessings to be found everywhere. When we are focusing on what is negative, our abundance can be easy to miss. Instead, find what already exists in our lives that we appreciate and notice the change we see in our world. We start to notice one blessing, and then another.

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