The Milk Van at Kamath Circle!

If you were at Wankhede and you heard a continuous stream of “Bharat mata ki….JAI”, “Inquilab zindabad!”, “Ek do teen chaar…Sri lanka ka balatkaar” and dhol and dhaak beats mixed with more A-rated language, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t the audience there at the stands. IT WAS MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCREAMING ALL THE WAY FROM KC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Milk Van Didn’t have a chance! The Campus Patrol nor the Police could do a thing!!

Crowd’s in a Frenzy!

Yay!! India Wins!!


Just Before the Winning Six!!

The Flag is Flying!!

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  1. The third-most cursed person in manipal yesterday was Sangakara(after he cheated at the toss)…The first two are his mother and sister… 😛


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