A First Blog Post

And at last, I enter this world of blogs, I never liked the idea of sharing your life with the whole world, maybe for me somethings should me kept personal.. but! I still decide to give this thing a try.

Should I tell you who I m? or shud I tell u what my life has been? I am all confused. Little do I no how to even begin, but lets c how many lines I cn type, as they shoot up in my mind.

Life, was a bed of roses for me, I had no worries, everything was picture perfect. I could be myself all the time. Cool friends, a cool city and a cool life. Fine at studies, gifted with talents, good at PHILOSOPHY, 😛 and a good support for friends. Tried my luck at IITs but mayb it wasnt enuf.. And ended up in Manipal University., which is in Karnataka n not in EAST!, n is totally different from Sikkim Manipal University.

It was damn lucky thing for me, coz i didnt even know that this place existed 2 days before the entrance exam. Somethings happen for good, and Life brought me here. Life is full of interesting things, it is a treasure hunt, sometimes u hit a jackpot, n sometimes u cnt find more than a single penny. i hav found my shares of jackpots n pennies.

Has been an year, how it passed,? Man! dnt ask me, lol.. 😉

Has been full wid mind bogling events..

If i share a few, my first sem, went in clicking pictures, more pictures and some more,. Acting like jerks, fooling around, trying new things, n njying Manipal. Before i go on n on n on about myself, i should tell u a little about Manipal.

Manipal : 3000 kms from my place, 3 hours from Goa, an overnight journey from blore or mumbai,. n few awesome places around to visit, Jog falls only 6 hours away.. But the best part i like about it is, despite loads of restaurants, eating joints, n pubs n discs, it offers NATURE, a serene environment,. Just a few minutes drive to few beaches in proximity,. And u can ease urself , relax, n chill. I dnt need a reason to go dr, n if i m off the track, Oh boy! beaches n silence go hand in hand,. they cn provide u wid the coolest place to introspect. and then a few places in manipal itself… So it is loads of fun here!

Back to me …..

hmm, 1st sem, it was one of the best few days of my life. And then , no regrets from life, sometimes somethings dnt turn out well, n few people rnt meant for each other. i keep all those memories i created wid my 1st sem bunch n move ahead.

2nd sem, as it approaches an end, i thank all the people whom i met, n whom i left, or who left me, or with whom i fought, becoz if that didnt happen, i wudnt hav ended up in the place where i m right now! mayb it is doesnt seem that cool to a few people, but this is the place where i actually belong, i had forgotten to be myself. I keep growing Younger wid age here, that careless attitude, that smile for no reason, that fun, is back, n life is a bed of roses again although the thorns r scattered here n there, but like a kid is unaware of the effects of touching it, i too m not bothered about about ny of it, this life is amazing.

Everytime u loose some1, u realise how imp they were to u, n every single thing u do, u miss dem. But time is d best healer, n it teaches u loads of things, n it gives u time to introspect. When i was in a mess, it seemed all my fault, it seemed i cudnt b more bad, it seemed i was good for nthng, it seemed i m d worst thing which cud happen to a person. But time provided those threads to stitch my heart and thots back to bring me back to my normal self.

And i m really very happy how my life turned out to be. I got a few Guardian Angels around me, who never lettme fall of the edge,. And they might stay with me, might go, mayb werent there before, but dude,, ” I LIVE IN PRESENT”.

And i am in the end thankful to dat almighty for making me go through every situation i hav faced until now,..

And guys, i think i hav already written, a lot, n now m clueless what else to write! it was my first blog ever,… but remember..

” life is a TRAGEDY in short run,

but a COMEDY in long run “

i realised it, may u also face this truth soon too…


  1. Alright, if you guys say so. But still, I feel that standard English is so graceful, easy as well as powerful. And yes, I adore many pieces on our blog. Very thought-provoking stuff at times! One feels proud of younger MU lot!

  2. @Anonymous: Yes, we do love the standard English, grammatically correct and graceful – as you put it. But not all of us can be great writers and not many of us can be "Correct" in the usage of the language.

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