Phone Conversation: 2nd April 2011, Midnight.

“Hello? Hello Ma? Listen, I can’t hear you so no point saying anything! Can you hear me? Oh forget it! Can you hear the dhol? Ma it’s AWESOME here! The whole of MIT is at KC, you should see this! What a sight! Hello…are you there? Arre, they’re playing the dhaak beats now Ammi! Can you believe it?! It’s better than Durga Pujo, Ma! There is absolutely NO space to move. We are dancing like crazy! As if everyone is drunk! Well, maybe everyone is! I’m standing outside KC canteen right now, Abhineet is playing the dhaak! Ma you should be here, I’m telling you! Can you hear it? Arre now KP is playing Punjabi! Hahahaha! Sridhar and I are doing Bhangra with totally random people…hahaha….i have never even seen these guys! It’s awesome! I don’t know where the rest of our gang is! Hello…Ma? Achha listen, I’ll call back later okay? Bye!”

“Haan Ma? No no, I’m still here at KC…. Arre I’m telling you, the whole college is out here! They’re parading on bikes throughout the campus and waving the flag! Hahahahaha! Nobody gives a damn about the rules tonight! Ma! We won!!!!!!!!!!! We’re never going to get this day back… WOWWWWW…..Best way to see MIT, Ammi! Yeah yeah, I’m with them…Sridhar and Abhineet are here only Ma, don’t worry I really won’t get lost! Arre Ma, nobody’s going back to hostel now! C’mon! Chill! Tonight nothing can stop us! Achha Ma…I’ll talk to you later!”

“Hello….hahaha….One second…. Oye Hemant! Naach na! Haan, Ma? Hahaha…we are at the middle of the circle at KC! Yeah…Hemant, Sahil, Rohan, Sridhar, Raj everyone’s here…. Divya? I can’t spot her but i’m talking to her on sms and she’s saying she’s near the basketball court. Yeah…hahahaha….Abhineet is still playing the dhol! Arre oye Raunaq…Ma, one sec…Oh bhai, aaj toh feel aa gayi! Dude, never seen MIT like this..yeah man….WOWWWWWWWW… hahahaha….yeah….Hello? Ma, you there? Hello? Hello? Shit.”

“Woooohhoooo….Ma…hahaha they’re throwing milk packets! OH MY GOD!!!! Hahahaha!! There’s no champagne here na, to celebrate with! So, milk it is! Hahaha….yuck… there’s some milk on my jeans…. Oye, Sridhar, hat ja!! Upar dekh! Haan, Ma… It’s absolutely crazy here! Oh bhai…..oh hello…sambhal ke bhai…haan haan congrats yaar!!!!!!!!! Indiaaaaaaaaaa India! Clap clap clap! Sachinnnnnnnnnnn Sachin! Clap clap clap! Hahaha…Ma….this HAS to better than Wankhede right now! Yeah?…. okay okay…Bye.”

“ Ma, yeah we are still dancing here! Hahaha! We’ve gone mad! Arre Ma i don’t care whether the other girls have gone back or not. Ma please. No! I’m staying here! This is the best time EVER in MIT! Oye….Ma, one sec please…. Chal Hemant shirt utaar! Aaj toh banta hai bhai! Aaj toh sab banta hai! Hahahahaha!!!… haan, Ma.. hahahahaha….people have gone mad here! Arre…shit… oye, campus patrol…..oye woh kuch keh raha hai…. Abe chodh yaar! Rehne de! Aaj ke din bhi ro rahe hain! Tu dhol baja yaar! Indiaaaaaaaaaa….India! Ma, will talk later.”

“Ma! Ma! We just sang the National Anthem! Everybody was singing it Ma!!! We are SO SO proud to be Indian! I just met this guy…he’s all emotional right now…. This is great Ammi. This is great. Achha, I’ll go find Divya now. Okay bye!”

“Hello…haan…almost reaching room…. Ohh…Ammi… feels great to be a part of this. Seriously…. Yeah yeah, I’ll sleep straight away. Anyway, tomorrow is a Sunday Ma.. what’s the time now? Oh..2 ‘o’ clock? Hahaha… Wow…You should see what all these people feel for the country, it will shake you up to the core… Haan? Nahi nahi….I’m not getting sentimental….It’s just….out of the world… Achha I’ve reached room. Yeah. Okay bye Ma, good night! We’ll talk tomorrow. Bye Ammi. “

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