Rain again!

It was just yesterday when it rained in Manipal.. The rainy cool-cool effect din’t last very long though..Today morning it was indeed pleasant but as soon as the time started burning out, the “Mighty Sun” started showing it’s “True color”… ;p

After all it’s Manipal : And weather’s always “Unpredictable” !! Isn’t always??
So, what do you love about the rains ??
What do you hate about the rains??
When i stepped in the valley i was so impressed with the greenery around here. I was like ah!!! My kinda place 🙂 .. I am kind of a nature-lover.. So, obviously i loved it!!
As days passed on, it was “Rainy season” here…So, it was time for “The Rain god” to shower his “blessings” all over the place…:) 😀 Initially i used to think ( Ah!! what a rain!!! )…..Trust me it was also funny watching people carrying “so many FASHIONABLE umbrellas” around….  I used to love everything, the rain, the water, the freshness, the breeze, the greenery and the umbrella’s of course….Cause in here when the rain god comes in full action mode, umbrella comes a basic necessity..
Minutes………Days…..Months….Years passed on…..
And now, there are classified parts of the rainy season that i love…Classified when i say, that includes almost everything apart from the dampness and “water-water” everywhere thing!!
Must say!! Manipal was, is and will be “Always blessed by the rain god and of course the almighty sun”  🙂
There are certain things though that everyone loves and hates about the rains!! Isn’t guys!
What everyone loves???
Let’s see…:
The Rain! of course
The Greenery
The Freshness
The Clouds
The Music of rain drops trickling down the roof
A cup of “Hot Steaming Coffee”
Of course mouth watering “Pakodas”
Trendy umbrellas
Rain coats( espl kids)
And what everyone hates: 
hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm
The dampness
“Water-water” everywhere
The uninvited insects
Oh yes!!! “The fungus” which just grows and grows in almost everything
What people are afraid of?? ( may be not all, but some of them)

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