Respect: Earned not commanded.

A buddy of mine wrote this as his facebook status today

Respect is not commanded through fear, it is earned through compassion.

He mentioned that a lot of the professors need a poster of this at every corner as a reminder of the effect their tyranny has on the student population.

This brought me back to 1st year Manipal. I disliked some of the professors. Biggest reason being that I’d seen how professors should be, back home in Canada. An not just the ones in school, the ones in my University where I studied Engineering as well.

A simple comparison”

Prof in India to students ” I’m here to teach you this subject. If you have any question about this you can try to come and meet me in my office. IF you have any other questions, please don’t bother me. I’m not here as a friend.” (This was stated exactly as is. I’ve not forgotten)

Prof in Canada: “Hey guys, my name is ____”, this is my office number, these are my office hours (written on the board), this is my email. If you have any questions about the subject feel free to drop by anytime. If you need someone to talk to or anything drop by or drop me a line.”

BTW this professor was one of the best mathematics professor’s I’ve ever knows. One of the smartest people I’ve ever known an to top it off he was a body builder and trained students for “Strongman Competitions“.

For the 1st he commanded respect out of fear that he instilled in the students. The 2nd he commanded respect for the respect he instilled in his students. Forced respect is only on your face. We’ll talk behind you and no it won’t be nice things. Respect is whenever we mention your name the tag of “Sir” goes on automatically.

Now to be honest, there are a few of them here (quite a few) that are like Prof 1, the like to command their respect. But there are equally if not more actually of professors that are like Professor #2. With their teachings, the way they talk, behave all bring out respect for them.

But I’ve realized one big thing. The biggest reason a person will not get respect is if that person does not give respect to others. Doesn’t matter what position are you in. If you talk and behave respectfully to others you’ll automatically get that back.

It’s disgusting to watch individuals who take advantage of others. Especially certain ones who have just come into a higher position. Take for example a post graduate individual. There was a F$^#%^& J$#A#$ new PG student who took it upon himself to torture the final year students (myself included), by not giving signatures for quota assignments. This a week or two before the final exams are to be held and every teacher is helping out. Why could he do it? Because he knew that we had no choice. He tortured people mentally. I’ve got nothing but disgust for douche-bags such as him. Does he ever think he’ll get respect? No, he’ll get nothing but bad karma and a lot of names.

An to end it’s a bloody circle of life. You were a student you knew how when a professor wasn’t as nice how it would be really hard on you and your friends. So why would you continue that? Why not just stop it and become a person everyone calls “Sir / Ma’am” out of respect not fear.