Rime of the Ancient Walker

Choices that were made
bring consequences to bear.
Among my daily routine
her one line of care.
Regret sown so deep,
The secrets I still keep,
Cannot comfort her at night she gently weeps.
Judging a house by its garden,
A book by its cover,
Overlooking the rebellious
fight to recover.

Come friend, by my side;
Won’t you walk the first mile?
It is said the road is long,
Strewn with pitfalls for us to go wrong,
But this cursed darkness blinds me as I walk,
It smothers me as I talk,
Then shows me a glimmer here and a twinkle there,
Teasing me with her elusive charm,
And smothering me with the comforting calm.
Paths went by that looked inviting,
I wonder why I did not turn.
Maybe if I walk this road enough,
I will come to my turn.
Come friend, by my side;
Won’t you walk a little while?
Heads turn as I pass,
Bets are made where I shall stop at last,
But curiosity for what lies beyond the bend
fuels my next step.
I had potential; they said.
Potential that I hath wasted.
Potential neither kept me warm at night,
Nor helped me to separate the black from the white!
‘Where is he headed?’, they all wonder.
Nestled deep in their cocoons of splendor.
I walk outside your castles of gold,
A bemused smile on my lips, and in my left shoe: a hole.
Come friend, by my side;
Won’t you walk this last mile?
The call is there,
It’s yours to heed.
To walk the road with weeds.
Walking the road changes a man,
To bear the burden no one man can.
So littered by the roadside you’ll find,
Memories people have left behind.
To be lighter & faster in the race,
To be today’s celebrated face
And eventually tomorrow’s disgrace!!!!
You live in the hope that sympathy isn’t just a phase,
you feed on it for too many days,
after you have fallen from grace.

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