Skull Kid 3:16 (Part II)

This is part II of ‘Skull Kid’. You can read part one here – Skull Kid: The Beginning

Skully lay face down in bed

Thinking back on the pool of red

He had killed 5 more people

The cuts were clean and subtle

He was still in the same hideout

Finally deciding that he would step out

He walked on the street without shaking

And found a kid whom he started stalking

He followed the boy around the corner

Soon, a group of men grabbed the former

And dragged him into an alley

Followed the men did Skully

He watched as the men started beating the kid

Tossed him into a container and shut the lid

Now, Skully stepped up

Coolly, he said “Wassup?”

The men said “Non of your business,

And since you are a witness

To this kidnap that we pulled off

You gonna have to switch off

Bye bye brother….”

Skully looked at one man, then, the other

The streetlights were dim

Both men charged at him

Skully pulled out his knife

Prepared to take out a few more lives

He stabbed the nearest man first

The second stopped, and had his lips pursed

Skully stabbed the first punk over and over

And stopped when he knew it was over

Once he was done, Skully looked at the other

“Since you to my murder, are a witness brother,

You’re gonna have to switch off too….”

“Who the hell are you?” said the man sweating

“Skull-Kid” he said, in a voice so fitting

Saying thus, he charged and drove the steel

Into the stomach, and closed the deal

He then opened the lid

And took out the kidnapped kid

And he started thinking

“This is the kid I thought of killing

But I didn’t do it did I

Instead, I saved the guy…”

The boy caught his attention

“My dad lives on pension

We have no money

But those men thought it was funny,

To not let me be,

They kept stealing from me

And now they wanted a ransom

To my father, it is too big a sum

Hence thank you for saving me

And setting me free,

Can I have you come to my house for dinner?

I would introduce to my dad, a savior”

But Skully had nothing to say

This was not the way

He intended it to go

He blinked, and said “No….

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here,

The police must be somewhere near”

Skully said, and thus ran away

Having had such a different day

On running, he picked up a newspaper

The headlines-“Absconding Murderer”

It was a matter of time before,

The people recognized Skully more

For now, he was just a madman with a mask

Now, he was going to be taken to task,

As people would see him as a mad murderer

He reached home, and his mind did stir

He fell asleep soon

And woke a little later, about to swoon

He turned on a broken T.V set

What he saw made him sweat

The boy he saved was on the news

Taking about men who wanted dues

No one knew “Skull-Kid” as a killer yet

But this boy may give away the bet

Instead, the boy said “Just when I was done

A guy in a mask came and fought and won,

He said “Skull-Kid” was his name”

With this, Skully rose to fame

He forgot about his previous crimes,

And decided to make up for the bad times

There was someone who thanked him for once

For a good deed that he had done in many months

Someone was there who now actually offered love

Skully could fly like a dove

He was feeling a strange happiness,

Which he hadn’t felt due to his sadness

He realized, that a few nice people existed

The thoughts of joy persisted

He made up his mind that he would kill no more

A boy fixed his heart that was so sore

Now he would no longer be a mad killer

Now he was a public defender

His first customer was saved

And now, for his identity, the public craved

This was a perfect setting

For a hero in the making

He ran out, and went to the police station

To give a more formal introduction

Skully was told there that the men he done,

Were criminals on the run

The police complied to hide Skully’s identity

Saying that the idea of a masked hero was ingenuity

And since he saved the boy at 3:16

They decided that he was “Skull-Kid 3:16”

to be continued……..


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