Skull Kid (Part III) – Realization

This is part III of ‘Skull Kid’.  You can read the first two parts here – Skull Kid: The Beginning  And here: Skull Kid 3:16 (Part II)

Skully became a hero in town
Taking many bad guys down
He was equipped with a gun
And a car, so he didn’t have to run
He was a law enforcer of high order
It is only 2 weeks after the punk’s murder
Two weeks since he saved that kid
And brought him out of the lid
Skull-Kid was watching over the lock up

Sipping coffee in his cup
A week ago, a murder series came in
They had been trying to trace the kingpin
But couldn’t nail him so easily
The murders committed so perfectly
Skully’s higher official walked in
And said “Skull-Kid! Where have you been?
I came to tell you that we have a clue
As to the murderer being, who”
Skully started acting weird
And started stroking his beard
A beard? He didn’t have one!
“Skully, what are you doing son?”
“Oh! Um, I’m thinking about the case!
If only we could see the killer’s face!”
“Well, we all want to do so”
Said the officer, in a voice quite low
“No one knows who is the man
To catch him, we need a plan
All we know is that there were no
Fresh murders to show
The killer looks to be inactive
This is when we need to take him captive”
Soon, a messenger came in with information
“We don’t know the killer’s intention
But found out his whereabouts”
After looking at it Skully had no doubts
That it was his own abandoned house
His senses started to rouse
He quickly gave the paper back
If they suspected him, things would be black
He was at police headquarters
He had no where to run from officers
So he quickly told the head officer
“I know about the man’s whereabouts, Sir
I could lead you to the place
And we shall see him face to face,
If you we could go there immediately
We could end this man and his brutality”
The head said “Very well then!
We shall go at once men!”
Skully said “Wait! You mean to say,
That all of us are going that way?
It would be foolish in my mind
To think that the killer is blind!
We must go few in number,
Some 4 of us and…1 more member
So that the killer wouldn’t notice
The incoming number of police
Else he will notice and run away
That’s not what we want, may I say?”
The officer thought and said
“We want that man alive or dead
Hence lets take caution and go
We shall keep our number low”
So 5 of them hurried to the suspected house
They stepped in slowly, and saw a mouse
Which scurried it’s own way
“Now we split up and go different a way”
5 of them split up, and soon the head heard
A first gunshot, a second, then a third
Perplexed, he called for the rest of them
But none of them responded to him
Sweating in the dim light
He was ready for a fight
After walking through corridors,
He reached two doors
He opened them, just to see
The bodies of the police, but only three
They had all been shot and hid here
But Skully’s body was no where near
He heard Skully’s voice and the shot of a gun
“Sir he’s up here and has a gun!
The head ran up a floor, to see Skully standing
He panted out “Where is he? Where is he?”
Skully said “In front of you if you can see”
Stunned, the head yelled “You?”
“Then in addition to the murders, you shot my men too!”
Skully laughed “The murder victims in the report
Were my victims before I joined you guys as a last resort
I could have been a good crime fighter
But you were going to find out about me sooner or later
I knew you wouldn’t give me a chance
So I took this as my stance
So I needed to escape, and run away
I brought you here, and a nice game we did play
Now, in the showdown, You lose, I win
Hence, I will commit my next sin”
Saying so, Skully shot the head’s head
And watched him fall back, dead
“I am not Skully, the law enforcer
I am Skull-Kid the mad murderer!”

Originally posted at the Authors Blog

(This story shows not only that depriving a child of the care he needs, leads to ill consequences, but also that we are molded at a young age, and after that, it is very hard to change ourselves…….once a something, always that same something…….)

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