Some time with “Not so Blessed” Children

It was a medical and dental health camp organized by the Voluntary Service organization, Manipal University at Bala niketan Orphanage.

Started with a small inauguration. Though I was not much into listening the speeches the line which surely struck my ears..”Doctors are in the most noble profession. It’s my request to all the medical students to not let the human inside them die ever.”

Hale and Hearty!!
We were greeted with RED ROSES as a token of appreciation and than

We had a great time playing and interacting with the children there..

This banner was being made for SPARSH  – a fund raiser programme by the Volunteer Services Organization

Though they didn’t know Hindi or English but I was able to interact with them more or less (yes, they were very good at sign languages.) This girl asked me -“What has 1 head and 3 legs?” I said “I don’t know.” She pointed upwards and said”Dumboo! It is a FAN.!!!! I was speechless!

Striking a Pose for the Camera!

Managed some clicks of theirs while playing. . .

A haunting smile!!

A rose for me too 🙂


They were giving the “Radha-Krishna pose” 🙂

Yeah – Radha and Kishna!!


A look at the teeth! Have you not been brushing your teeth?

How could have I missed this, afterall it’s going to be my domain some day. Cheers to Dentistry!

People celebrate birthdays at Greens, go on a date at Malpe, throw a party at Dollops, but this was something which gave me just one thing “Satisfaction”.

To bring smile on the face of -these under privileged children even for 3 hours was indeed satisfying..Felt good!


Noticed this stethoscope with a final year KMC student. Innovative..I must say!

Back to our grassroots: We sat on the floor with the children, they chanted the SHANTI PATH, we were served the lunch on Banana leaves.

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