Thought for food

Food for thought is something people talk about. But when I am always eating there are these thoughts that always come to my mind. I don’t know how many of them have the same experiences but I can say a lot of people have some thoughts crossing their minds when they are eating.

What exactly are these thoughts? I don’t know and I don’t know why they come up. But certain particular thoughts do cross my mind and I always enjoy them while I eat. The thoughts that cross my mind are always small business or entrepreneurial ideas. Like how one can start a new business or optimize ones existing one. When I was having dinner now I was thinking on how a farmer could optimize his profession by groping farmers like himself to have a mutual benefit! How an organization could be formed to optimize the profits on farming. Also some other thoughts would be how the civic bodies could form groups that would keep the politicians and the governing body on check.

These thoughts come and vanish when I finish eating! I don’t think I am going to put any of these thoughts to action anytime soon. Not only that I can’t but I rather won’t. Because there is a strong solid space that separate these thoughts from reality! So what’s the point of these thoughts one may ask! Honestly for me it lets me enjoy my food. Especially the Manipal food that I am not so big fan of anymore!


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