To All Parents – David Furtado

How I wished it was yesterday again
Though I know useless are my thoughts and all in vain
I would still love to hold your hand,

While walking on soft sand
And feeling the tickling of the sea,
When it comes up to my knee.

How I wished it was yesterday again,
When I wouldn’t use much of my brain.
On you I would depend- what you said
And it is by you I would be fed.
To be governed -I feel – is better than to rule
And how I disliked going to school.

How i wish it was yesterday again
When my living was so plain.
And I didn’t have much to decide
What was wrong and what right.
The fascinating tales you told me
And of lands I loved to see.

Yet now I am older.
Nonetheless never bolder.
To take decisions -I hesitate
And it is upto me to seal my fate
As my spring is washed by my rain
How I wish it was yesterday again.

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