Top 15 android applications for the average joe

And wooble
Well this one goes for all the boys. It is somewhat similar to iBoobs. It lets you mark the region of interest in a pic and shake it(Advertised to use for …..). Defining ROI is upto you.
Docs to go
The best possible reader for office documents with google docs support. If this can’t read a office file no other thing on android can

Dolphin browser HD
This by far beats all the browsers my phone can run even Mozilla.
It’s a two way sync application you basically add files to the desktop and they sync with the main server and appear on your android. Its famous in only windows users too because of the ease of access
Google authenticator
You watch James bond movies? Here is a take on by google on that. Add to your google account an extra layer of temporary password which is almost impossible to phish!
Google sky map
As a kid we always wondered by the night sky which star is that ? Here is google’s augmented reality to name you each and every star visible to your naked eye (and beyond)
Google Goggles
Wondering who is the person in the pic? Which logo is this? Want to OCR the text you read and search? Here is google’s search powered by an image query!
Oh come-on google sucks at this one given their official reader’s free version does not store the feeds for offline view (not all). This beats 4 other readers I have tried close competition by good news. Its a offline feed viewer with 2 way sync to your google reader account. However if you don’t care about your fancy google reader stats like me, go for pulse nothing beats it.
Handcent sms
Ok it has advanced sms features and i-phone like conversation style for sms.
The most number of calendar features a organiser can hold. 2 way sync with google calendar.
Look for any wifi hotspots around in augmented reality and you can locate the source. Very helpful for i-on users since.. ehhh.. you guessed it.
QR droid
The all in one 2-d barcode reader, creator, converter and what not. Get this and forget all your barcode readers
SMS bomber
No comments about this one. My friend Priya loves it so much on my mobile.
SMS wishes
Probably the best sms scheduling application developed for android. I schedule all the birthdays and announcements and sometime a reminder to myself as an sms 😉
This one by far exceeds the label “important than your life”. I donno where will I be without this. Its a note taking application which sync wirelessly to the main server where you can access your account at their site which supports multiple login. Beats evanote as even though evanote has a dedicated windows application, it limits file exchange and many other options for free users.
Just in case : I use SE X10i which has 1Ghz,multitouch(yes),8 mp camera,AD ver 2.1
I know I am limited by the size of the post and there are a lot many application out there but these are to summarize just a few. Comment on what application you use.