Waking to Love… Each Day – Saswata Ghosh

I’ll wake you up my love, every morning with my lips

Like dewdrops from pink petals, on soil at dawn that drips.
Once more suck, spilled drops of love, in soft and tender sips;
Brimmed out from goblets yesternight, on your cheeks as you held me tight-
In slumber slipped, yet you kept me gripped, as if I a dream
Too soft to be ‘broken’ ….. By dawn’s ‘breaking’ light.

Now slowly they open — your watery reddened eyes
Like the globe that rises, afore the crimson skies,
Soaked by the oceans, wherein nightlong it lies.
To shake off the trance, you release arms off me
And stretch them slow, like a lotus blossoms…
Its petals setting free, that one dusk trapped bee.

Ah! then you sweep your opiate gaze, on my face that smiles above,
Raise your hand with a girlish impulse, to caress my hair with love.
Next moment though, you clench it tight, denying liberty to that dove-
In passion encaged, in affection become, a toy you cuddle at will,
And at will, draw me close to heart, half-risen though from bed:
I fall to the bait and in falcon arms- your succulent body I fill.

Come, let’s get up and walk, into the still outdoors
Fill our mind with the notes, which in tranquility soars
Before we drown in the din, of our respective chores.
Hold my arms, if for warmth, to my shoulder snugly lean;
That with care, I escort you to- lush meadows of our dreams,
Where birds at day, foreign stars at night, serve courtiers to My Queen!!

Upon the verdure we lie for hours, Nature’s elements to us sing
The clouds dissolving into one, paired butterflies flapping their wing
Now westward sail to our land from where, vesper’s tidings ring
Foretell of snow that drops below, in our private world of bliss.
So in my arms I carry you home, on twilight’s receding trail;
Darkling hear your songs nightlong, your eyelids close with my kiss!!