Where is My Childhood – A Poem by Praneeth Madhira


Those days were sprightly and gay,
i would always have my way.
oh! so idle i would lay…
but not for long did it stay!!!

we would stay forever outdoor,
till our feet would go all sore.
gardens and sheds we did explore,
for rosy apples we did implore.

we were so free of care,
when life threw its snare.
our gaiety it did tear…
breaching the laissez faire!!

li’l did we know what’s in store…
oh! those were the days of yore!
now they are gone for good…
OH MY! where is my childhood???

the Loss of Childhood to us teaches
that time and age are like leeches!
eroding memories at their farthest reaches…
of hills and castles built on beaches!!!