Are we really our Choices?

The moment we hesitate, it is when we might put ourselves into a situation where we find it hard to choose between the options, which are perfectly beneficial or equally unfavourable. We, human beings, with the unique ability among all the creatures of the Earth, are able to think, consider, mind-map, decide and analyze due to the presence of the our specially adapted brain. It is the most crucial and important organ that we possess, allowing for creating and planning our activities.

However, despite this seat of consciousness, we do get ourselves into trouble due to the tentative and hesitant behaviour of ours, when it comes to deciding and choosing. Uncertainty and indecisiveness ,sometimes, usually most of the time, is often the norm in our daily life activities, from simple to the complicated ones.

For example, early in the morning, one office executive has to choose either to have coffee or to have tea instead for his breakfast. Of course this is rather a small matter. Then come to work. He has to decide on how to engage with his superior so as to be promoted. Not to be alienated from his colleagues, he needs to cast his ego away and fawn on others, in the way he doesn’t like himself to be.

Next, his mind cells are activated again. Abundant excuses are being thought of so as he could fetch his fiance who is waiting for him to have meal together. And this time, whether he likes it or not, he has to choose one of the most romantic restaurants to dine with her.

Maybe you will just laugh, or perhaps, point your fingers at that office executive. Or you might find the similarities in yourself. Everyday we have to choose, choose and again choose. Doesn’t matter whether you are a young student, a senior citizen, a bus contractor, a lecturer, a politician, a member of parliament or even the prime minister, you are counted on to think and make a good decision. Of course not every decision you make is clearly seen to be a perfect one or able to satisfy anybody else. There is so much time when we make errors and mistakes in deciding, and then begin to remorse aftermath. Many criminals who are languishing behind those bars, say they mistakenly did wrong and were fighting hard between mind and actual situation, during the interview. Nothing could we do but solely feel pathetic towards them as they deserve the punitive and stringent penalties charged against them. Inevitably no one should be blamed except themselves. They had chosen a rough road and must bear all the responsibilities solemnly.

During this time of studying, we are always haunted by “choosing” nightmares. Where to study, what we study, how we study, used to question all these. When the exam is approaching, we start to get on our nerves and sit on the hot bench. Later we are trapped in the midst of predicaments realizing our results are deteriorating. We try to reach for help or assistance from our seniors, teachers, parents or even friends. Fortunately they will offer us with various kind advices and comments. and unfortunately because of this, overwhelmed we are with myriad of selections and alternatives. I never know is it a good sign as we can diverge and re-pick later after the first decision being done. How soon can we determine the consequences after an option is being picked?

I wonder, will it be good if we have too much choices? It really depends…

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