Kapu revisited

It was evening which I felt some how beautiful. It felt beautiful, may be because of clouds gathering in the sky. The warm wind turned into cooler breeze; soothed the skin and whispered in ears.  It just came spontaneously “let’s go to kapu beach”.  With the 5 years stay in Manipal, it was my third time to kapu. I wanted to take the family this time.

The travelling

The moment we decided to go, my hands headed towards the bag, packed couple of clothes for swimming, CDs for car and took my 12 megapixel cybershot. Whenever I come across some beautiful sceneries or picturesque moments, I forget to get the camera with me. That is why I made practice to wherever I go, no matter what place; carry the camera. I drove the car on Mangalore road supposed to be highway.  The roads were, at most places, single track as they were under construction. Hence, there was nothing pleasant to describe about the traveling.


As we reached Kapu at 5.30 PM, the sand was still warm, wind was still warm. What ahead of us were two things, one was the sea and another was the light house. The waves from the sea were welcoming me, I was eager to jump in the water.

Black and White at the top – The Kaup Lighthouse, A beacon of Sorts for the Manipal Student!


First we headed towards the light house as the entry was restricted after 6 pm. We took the tickets at the bottom and started climbing the stairs. The stairs were spiraled upwards like gate way to heaven.  I have to admit it that it was tiring to reach the top without taking a break.  I started sweating during the course of climbing but once we were top, I felt the cool air currents making my sweat go away. What a refreshing feeling at that time. From above all the people looked like Lilliputs with small boats, small waves and never ending sea.  The clouds suddenly disappeared and what left is clear blue sky. There was a technician at the top who was explaining about light house. Before, they used kerosene lamps and now they use electric bulbs imported from UK. The huge lamp with diamond like crystal shell rotating at constant slow speed reminding of a time machine.

A barren patch of land, sans shrubbery – Sometimes referred to as the Deck of Titanic!

Kids and the Sea, make for an interesting pic anytime!

The beach

Multicolored boats, on the pristine sands of the Kaup Beach! You do not have to have a good Camera to click Awesome pics 🙂

Then we came out of the light house and were on the beach. I took my clothes off and jumped in the water. The sea looked like a blanket of mercury with aggressive waves. When these waves retreat they also drag the sand inside, hence it is somewhat dangerous to swim deep. There was once a large wave, I slipped and felt that sea was dragging me inside. I could only hear cold play’s song “swallowed in the sea”. Then I thought I should not go any further. But I enjoyed the thrill. Then we went to the beach side restaurant and had soft drinks and snacks. It was quarter to 7 pm, we returned back to Manipal. What I realized that maybe it was any ordinary day but we can make it joyful by going places and diluting our tiredness, anger, hate, sorrow and pain in to the thin air.

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