Manipal Bug Dissapointed Not To Make It to The Year Book: To Bring out Kshitij 2

The Proposed emblem for the new YearBook
to be brought out by Manipal Bug

In a surprising development late last night, a famous resident of Manipal, The Manipal Bug, mailed ManipalBlog, the following:

The EdBoard, Kshitij.

I, Manipal Bug,  and my family are very much disappointed with your edition of the yearbook.  In my entire engineering life, for the past four years, I have not seen someone so callous in a position of responsibility, with the possible exception of the lady in the high chair “Gag Krum Kum”. 
When you publish a year book, we expect lot’s of stuff, including details of how we spent our lives, in this sometimes shitty and sometimes fun place of Manipal! It is a token of remembrance, especially to the students of their encounters with me and my family, during those long nights struggling with Chemistry books in the first year and the respective subject books in the after years!  However, you casually managed not to miss just a whole branch of Mechatronics, but also me and my entire family of bugs and creepy crawlies of Manipal, who have been helping MIT students visit the beautiful girls, who sit in the OPD of KMC, Manipal.

I take this as a personal insult, and as a insult to the entire Bug and ant families who reside in the new blocks of MIT hostels, and vow to bring out our own edition of the Year book, which we will dedicate to the Mechatronics batch of 2007. They are our inspiration, especially Riddick Friend, who inspired us to write this piece of mail to these idiots who run the Manipal Blog.

 Your’s sincerely,

Signed – The Manipal Bug
It’s a Bugs life

Of course, ManipalBlog is not run by idiots, and we did try to find this Riddick Friend, but to no avail. We however did manage to awaken from deep slumber, the editor of the Kshitij year book, who refused to answer our questions, but directed us to his facebook reply to all such insinuations – Kshitij: The Yearbook 2010 – 2011.

When Manipal Bug was contacted with his reply, there was a huge sigh of relief and a lot of vesicant fluid was released ! “See, even after such a hue and cry, there is still no apology, or even a mention of my family, in the reply! I mean he mentions the mechatronics batch, but doesn’t mention about us at all.” We abruptly lost contact with the Manipal Bug after those words were spoken.

The “facts” in this article are all made up (but you already knew that, didn’t you?)