Udupi, Krishna Temple: Photo Feature.

Had a chance to visit it a while back when the parents were in town.  Ended up being the best visit in 5 years.  In case you’re wondering about the temple check out Wiki or here.  
Some snaps I took:

All this I’d seen.  But then I noticed

People pulling this Chariot? out.  We asked an were told it’s for a puja.  I’d never seen that one before.  A priest informed us that the evening puja is being held so rush inside.  We did as he told us.  I took them to the main area and the puja had already started.

The energy was intense inside the temple.  With the chanting, the drums and everyone around with the main person.  It was so loud and due to I’ll assume the closed surrounding so much base was there, you could feel the chants through every pore of your body.  It was almost surreal up to a level.  I’d never experienced something so intense at any temple.  But it was worth all the crowds and the rush.  Whoa was all I could think off.

Got out an I noticed that they were pulling these

dozens of people pull them through the length of their journey.  I managed to get some images of what it looks like in the evening as well:

All in all a great experience.  One I’ll try to make sure I recreate before I leave.  Not Wordless but pictures nonetheless 🙂


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