Manipal Bug Sues ManipalBlog over Naked Photo in Bed

The Nude picture that has sparked contoversy

An online blog known for writing controversial but fake news stories now finds itself in a very real situation. The article, humorously headlined “The Manipal Bug Exposed!” authored by Lalith Nag Sharan quickly spread through the Manipal internet, either sparking debate as to the legitimacy of the story or capturing people’s attention as a quality informative article.

But when the article landed on the desk of Manipal Bug spokesman Impala Bung , the article fell flat.

“I received hundreds of emails asking me if the Manipal Bug was into pornography,” Mr. Impala Bung said in a statement to the press. “I even got a few members of the Ant species of Manipal trying to sign up after that story. We’ve worked long and hard to establish ourselves as a good annoying little microbe, affectionately or commonly known as the Manipal Bug, and to be violated behind our backs like this is despicable. We will take action and bring this perpetrator to his knees to make him pay for the damage he has caused.”

According to Mr. Impala Bung, the Manipal Bug Association wants a public apology for slandering the organization and monetary damages that he may have caused by deflecting possible candidates away from their group. Furthermore, they want the article deleted from the internet and the defendant’s weblog removed from the internet.

When asked to comment on the lawsuit, Lalith Nag Sharan – the writer of the article – defended the piece, saying:

“This lawsuit is an attack on my freedom of speech… my ability to call their itchy, annoying organization a bunch of fruits without having to worry about them getting all up in my grill.”

The Manipal Bug Association, which is a ‘Blister Beetle’ that belongs to the Paederus genus which has been in the news recently for not being mentioned in the MIT College annual magazine Kshitij, argues that their freedom to avoid being slandered comes before his freedom to write an informative article and post pictures.

“Mr. Lalith is very well aware of how hard we are fighting to discredit the accusations that we are a predominantly itchy and insectoid creatures and he wrote the article to fuel the fire.” Mr Impala Bung is referring to last year’s controversy surrounding two former Manipal Bug members that moved to KMC Campus to be itchy and annoying there too and the new survey conducted by the University which found that 85% of Manipal Bugs have had at least one itchy encounter.

Because of these facts, it remains doubtful whether or not the Manipal Bug will succeed in the lawsuit, as there already exists sufficient enough evidence for one to arrive at the same conclusions about the annoying nature of the Manipal Bug as Mr. Lalith presupposed in his article.

Our Blogger Lalith before and after the attack!

“I’m gonna keep on writing articles and, despite the lawsuit, I won’t stop for one second to consider whether or not I’m offending someone. That’s what I do and that’s why I live in Manipal.”

P.S.: Since writing this article, we have come to know that in a daring night time attack, as yet unidentified members of the Manipal Bug Association, attacked our Blogger, Mr. Lalith Nag Sharan over his face and neck, causing widespread disfigurement to his personality. Manipal Blog stands behind Mr. Lalith Nag in his time of suffering and hopes that he recovers soon!