Thrash The Thug

Yes, the Government has put up a good example in front of this country when it forcefully evicted a businessman fraudster clad in Bhagwa from the national capital of this country. Yes, the nation needs more of these raids to stop any xyz cheat from misleading the commoners of this nation. Yes, I do not care about the political patriot named Ram Krishna Yadav aka Baba Ramdev who aspires to be Swami Ramdev.

The common man of India faces corruption in his everyday life. Bribery is legal in this country. If you oppose the previous sentence you are a simpleton who is either a kid or a person who works in an MNC having a lavish income of your own. ‘Thou shall pay thy price’ has been the motto of all the Governments in the past four to five decades. It will be the motto of any XYZ Government who comes to power. This leads to the situation where the common man finds himself in a cage whose bars may change in every five years but they are as strong as ever.

But then the Lokpal Bill fast of Anna Hazare comes which demands the PM to be covered as well. People are awe-struck. The fast gains rapid media attention and Dhoni is no more the Superman of India. It is Anna. Ramdev is not pleased when he joined Anna and did not get the desired attention. Baba Ramdev, who once did a morning yoga show on Aastha TV channel, which he now owns by crooked means, now wants to materialize his political ambitions. He announces a date of his fast as well.

May I remind the reader that this is not the first time when he has acted in a most amateurish manner or lied shamelessly in order to fool the villagers. He has made hilarious claims of curing AIDS and various types of cancer to increase the sales of his Ayurvedic drugs and believes that sex education must be replaced by yoga. He is a man of rigid mentality who has said in public that ‘Homosexuals are sick people and must be sent to hospitals for treatment’. His promise to protest against the section 377 vanished into thin air.

Such a person of limited intellectual capabilities has again made hilarious claims to bring back the Kaala Dhan (Black Money) from other nations in a limited period of time! He wants to hang the corrupt officials! And he wants to promote Hindi-education! No Baba Ramdev will come to give employment to a young man when he would be rejected in a job interview just because he said ‘Mai name ijh Blah Blah’.

The reason I justify the action taken by the government is that Baba Ramdev provides false hope to the thousands of people who were present at the Ram Lila Ground. He is using their sentiments to fulfill his political ambitions (clearly influenced by RSS and others, which is proven by the presence of Sadhvi Ritumbara on the stage who is another shameless Hindu extremist). I justify the action because the people who were present there are pulling this nation back by supporting tricksters and frauds. I justify the action because this will be a good example for other political aspirants who will do anything to fulfill their ambitions.

And finally, the honorable Supreme Court of India should look upon the issue with seriousness and make sure that such incidents do not become a common occurrence because ultimately we live in a Democracy and no one should have a misconception of ruling the nation. He/she is actually serving the nation. The Government is the servant of the masses. An example should never become a routine.

PS: The reader should know that this piece is not politically inspired. I want the reader to realize that blind faith in Baba Ramdev will never eradicate poverty or corruption in India.


  1. My Comment would be…

    After having a very heavy breakfast baba goes on a fast!

    I think that says it all. Honourablr as his intentions may seem, they still reek with the smell of a political agenda!

    I see it more as an attempt to become a sensational hero overnight.

    Babaji should just go back to yoga. Atleast he was respected there!

  2. It's Ramdev who is responsible for mayhem at RamLeela ground. Had he not tried to evade police, had he not jumped from the dias, had he not put on a ladies salwar-kameez, had he not tried to run away, nothing untoward would have happened. It's Ramdev who's responsible for risking the lives of his supporters.

  3. @anonymous: Hey!! U stole my words!! 😀 Dat is exactly wot I have been sayng to everyone else! Thanks for d comment 🙂 – Tanmay

  4. But doesn't every man in this nation have a right to express?
    I'm honestly asking you, Assume you stage a protest tomorrow.
    Now, you are not completely credible are you?
    Whoever you are, the government can't come and arrest you overnight! That's violation of basic democracy!

  5. @man-like path talent: Yes. I have the right to voice my opinions against the govt. Then the govt. responds like a gentleman and I strike a deal wid dem at a 5 star Hotel. I keep my word and d govt. keeps its word. Dat way a normal deal is sealed. But the problem arises when I say somethng else to the govt. and act differently in frnt of d public. Dat is bound to piss the govt. off! I hope you would agree to dat. – Tanmay

  6. How do you know so?
    When there is no complete transparency, how can you justify any side's doings?

  7. I know so because Baba Ramdev has himself said in public that he was about to disclose the details of the meeting(written in a letter signed by his aide) in public on 6th of June…when asked the reason of the delay he shamelessly says that he did not want the people of Ram Lila maidan go away in just a couple of days. He then publicly said that he will never talk to Mr. Sibal in the future. Well today he is ready to talk again 😛 a man of such credibility can never be trusted. – Tanmay

  8. But I want to raise a basic question- how long we will say that Indians are foolish, Indians are rustic, Indians are naive. These hypocritical, deceptives godmen have been befooling simple Indians for ages. How long this will continue? It is the duty of all democratic institutions, academic institutions and media to educate the masses so that they may become more sensible and discerning. Every Tom Dick Harry should not become a hero.

  9. @anonymous: I agree with you. Word by word. And let me assure you that with the increase in the literacy rate in India and with the decrement in the number of unemployed people these Baba's nd sadhu's will cease to exist. – Tanmay

  10. It took them an year to act against Raja, 6 months to arrest Kalmadi and 1 day to detain Ramdev!!

    Irony is PM had TONS of Evidence to enforce arrests.detain RAJA and KALMADI and NONE against RAMDEV.

    A civilian who tried hitting a minister (June 6th) with a shoe is sent to TIHAR JAIL IN A DAY.

    And when 5000 Policemen beat up peacefully protesting civilians, Lathi charging them, the PM defends the action as NECESSARY!!

    Sending a Person for hurling a Shoe in Tihar Jail. TIHAR JAIL!! in 14 day Judicial Custody!!!

    and Ex Telecom Minister, Dayanidhi Maran against whom the CBI sent the following report to the Secretary Telecom for an alleged fraud of 440 crores in SEP 2007, He wasn't even questioned once in 44 MONTHS, until the following article by S. GURUMURTHY.



  11. The lila of Baba Ramdev as it is unfolding today, and as it is being relentlessly reflected in the national media has brought to the fore the fact that modern yogis and godmen of India have realized the importance of making media their handmaiden.

  12. I fully support the author of this story…

    I would have appreciated Baba Ramdev if he had taken a few bamboo cane hits along with the supporters who did so his behalf.And now the scenario of getting his blood pressure and weight monitored on an hourly basis.I would not like to use the word "coward" but its there at the back of my mind.

    In history there have been a few who have sat in public without food during day and eaten their fill away from prying eyes at night!

    For the sake of this country lets keep the gimmickry off such serious issues.

  13. I still can't believe UPA could be stupid enough to fuel such an incident that would eventually destroy their votebank. And they are still defending the act.
    I agree to the notion that there should be a better way to push the bars for the govt. Repeatedly sitting for hunger strike is kind of killing the weight and effectiveness of the whole act. Btw as far as Baba ramddev is concerned, I personally dislike his stand on the lokpal bill. He should be siding with Anna Hazare and working for the cause rather than creating his personal popularity index..

  14. @Mangalore Raja: You were also fed up of the daily news which reports scams worth lakhs of crores. That is why it is refreshing for you see that someone is ‘selflessly’ raising his voice against the government. ‘The fact is that when any Govt. is found to be corrupt the other parties automatically look like spotless angels’. This is where you are making a mistake. The starting of media exposing corruption was in the Tehelka Scam which took place in a different Govt.
    Now as far as the shoe-hurler’s comparison with Raja and Kalmadi is concerned I agree with you that it is absolutely unfair to give a 14 day Tihar Trip to a common man, where Mr. Raja plays Badminton every evening for gobbling up the people’s money. And I would like to see Dayanidhi Maran getting punished for what he has done.
    Ramdev has said that he will prepare an army of 11000 men and women aged between 20-40 years. He will train them how to use swords and guns. And then he will go to Ram Lila Maidan to face the govt. HOW IS THIS NOT DIFFERENT FROM TERRORISM??!! Plz tell me this Mr. Mangalore Raja. He is publicly preaching violence now! How can you justify that!
    – Tanmay

  15. @Vishaal Prabhakar: Thanks! 🙂 Nd do read my prev. comment to know about Ramdev's recent threats to the govt!

  16. @Aakash: That is why I support the govt's action. Coz without caring about the votebak politics they took the correct step! And I agree with you that these ppl have killed the real essence of satyagrah…and also any sane person would prefer Anna over Baba! (though I do not agree with Anna's flogging therapy for alcoholics) – Tanmay

  17. The moment you refer to a scandal of one government, you side automatically with the other party. That's exactly where the problem lies. The people of this country have been cheated repeatedly by all governments. Apolitical stance alone can be sensible and acceptable.

  18. @Sanjay: Yes! These modern Baba's want the media to be there puppets…Second that.
    @anonymous: I agree with you. And Ramdev is very much political…now he is not even trying to pretend that he is apolitical! His political ambitions are revealed! – Tanmay

  19. We should condemn in strongest possible words the shameless media coverage of this fraudester. Media is hardening the sensitivity of people. Everyone will start speaking in crude language.

  20. Swami ramdev is great person as he called thousands of men, women and children and when police stormed the tent, he made all his followers his security ring, get them beaten by police, he himself tried to leave the tent in mask of women, helped by woman. Never seen such a coward person in my life.
    Ramdev ki Jai

  21. yeh sarkar ne toh ravan aur kans ko bhi peeche chod diya hai, kyunki unke samay me koi bhi bachchon aur bujurgon ko nahin pratadit karta tha, lekin is sarkar ne toh sari seemayein hi tod di, ravan aur kans ka vadh karne ke liye toh sri ram aur sri krishna ne janm liya tha, pata nahin in papiyon ka nash karne ke liye ishwar kise bhejega……

    is desh ki janta ko samajhna chahiye ki aakhir is desh ki sarkar kya chupana chahti hai kale dhan ke bare me, kyunki yeh sara paisa inhi bhrasta aur beimaan logon ka hai, jo arop yeh baba ji ke oopar laga rahe hain ,kya yeh arop unhe pehle nahin dikhayi diye, andolan shuru hote hi unhe sare arop lagane they…

    jago is desh ke logon , ab bhi na jage toh bahut der ho jayegi,

    main sabhi se appeal karta hoon jyada se jyada log in baton ko un logon ko batayein jinhe in sab ke bare me koi jankari hi nahin hai….
    bharat mata ki jai…

  22. the root cause of all these roman slavery and british slavery in minds till this day, is not difficult to undestand….The fall of BHARAT has started with totally misplaced concept of ‘ahimsa’ – All those who successfully restored Bhrat’ as sanskruti ultimately took the route of ‘Himsa’
    1) Shri Ram against Ravan
    2) Shri Krishna against Kaurav
    3) Acharya Chanakya and Samrat Chnadragupta agains greeks and internal corrupts kings
    4) Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj against the barbaric moguls
    5) all the leaders of 1857 Freedom movement

    All those who took the foolish route od ‘ahimsa’ never succeded in Restoring ‘BHARAT’ are

    1) Mohandas Gandhi – Gave in the whole freedom struggle to previous barbarians- Muslims and Brits….Not only that but his misconception of satyagrah and anshan is still being used and would never succeeed…because as Shri Krishna, shri Ram, Acharya Chanakya, shivaje raje has shown – No mercy or ‘ahimsa’ against the ‘rakshas’ will ever work….

    If we as a nation and people heeded our saviors (shri ram, shri krishna, acharya chanakya and Shivajie raje) and joined netaji shubhaschnadra bose’s ‘hinsak’ kranti , we wouldn’t have seen this day’s atrocities….

  23. @Kshemendra Jain: Dekhiye Jain sahab, aap yahan pe iss sarkar is tulna Ravan aur Kans se kar rahe hai, isse saaf zahir hai ki aap kis yug mein jeete hai! Ye aandolan ka bhram jo aapko Baba aur Sadhuon se mila hai usse bahar aa jaiye. AND, pathetically enough you are using Roman script for expressing ur views in Hindi! This is what Ramdev has done to you my friend! And even after this I agree with your last line: Bharat Mata ki Jai. – Tanmay

  24. @anonymous: I am speechless after knowing your mindset! Please try to live in the 21st century. We live in a secular country and extremism in both forms is both pathetic and punishable. You are being used. I am not even trying to reply to your arguments as they are completely outdated. – Tanmay.

  25. By this call to 'awaken' etc , we can see that some people have taken this as revolution. This is not a revolution. Make no mistake about it. Revolutions take place after sustained oppression. There is no such scene in our free and democratic country. We do not need revolution; we need evolution. Indians need to evolve into better people, more sensitive, compassionate, hard-working, honest people. It won't happen in a day. It'll come by practice.

  26. Ramdev, in one of his many hreats to the government, has said, 'Dilli tumhare baap ki nahi hai'! This is exactly what the common Delhite wants to tell him that Dehli does not belong to the father of Ramdev, that he cannot hold the national capital, its traffic, its security to ransom for his whims.

  27. Dear Tanmay,

    It is pathetic you respond to my lack of typing skills in Hindi, rather than the actual issue. However, I have tried my best to reply to you and this time in spasht devanagri.

    श्री स्वामी बाबा रामदेव जी ने जो मुद्दा उठाया है उसको इन कंग्रेस्सियों ने एक अलग ही रूप दे दिया है और श्री स्वामी जी पर ही आरोप लगा दिए है में आप सब से और आम जनता से यह गुजारिश करता हूँ की किसी भी अफवाह में ना आये और अपने चेतन और स्वयं विवेक से सोचे की कौन सही है और कौन गलत … और इसमें सोचने को भी कुछ नहीं है श्री स्वामी जी १०००% सही है और ये दुष्ट १००००००% गलत और बेईमान्न है. श्री स्वामी जी पैर बहुत दबाव डाला जा रहा होगा और उनकी इस परिस्थिति में हर एक सच्चे भारतीय को उनका साथ देना ही चाहिए. और ये आन्दोलन किसी भी कीमत पैर रुकना नहीं चाहिए क्योंकि अगर ये अभी नहीं हुआ तो कभी नहीं होगा.
    में स्वामी जी से भी अनुरोध करूँगा की वो स्वतंत्रत रूप से श्री अन्ना हजारे जी को अपने साथ ले और उनके लोकपाल बिल को सर्वसम्मति से अपना पूरा समर्थन देने की कृपा करे क्योंकि इस बिल में इन सब को आना ही चाहिए चाहे प्रधानमंत्री हो या कोई भी हो …हम बहुत ही सामान्य लोग है जो कभी भी इन मुद्दो पर सोच भी नहीं सकते हिया जिनको श्री स्वामी जी ने और श्री अन्ना हजारे जी ने उठाया है … हम पढ़े लिखे नवयुवक है पैर देश की कीमत अब पहचानी है, राष्ट्रभक्ति क्या हिया अब जानने लगे है .. अब हम आपके साथ हिया और पीछे हटने का कोई सवाल ही नहीं है… हमे ये भी पता है की एक दिन हमारा भारत बिलकुल वैसा ही होगा जैसा हम देखना चाहते है … यही हमारी मनोकामना है ,, जय हिंद …. वन्दे मातरम …

  28. @anonymous2: That is the reasoning which is beyond the perception of that Baba! It has gone un-noticed my the media but there has been immense troble to the Delhites due to this fake satyagrah. Sane people going to work, going to schools and hospitals were affected because of this whimsical person! – Tanmay

  29. @Kshemendra Jain: I did not type Hinglish and made a fool out of myself. You took the initiative. Now as far as the issue is concerned there is no question about the fraudulency of Baba Ramdev. He is a budding extremist. Can you also cure AIDS Mr. Jain? Are you also openly against section 377? Let me assure you this that if he continues in this path he will land up in prison. Why don't you join his men of 11000 who will be trained to combat the government? He is toying with your 'patriotic' emotions and let me make this very clear to you Mr. Jain: You are not the only one who is concerned about the issues of this country, there are many people who know that the method opted by Ramdev and Co. is wrong. You go on your path and I will go on my path. Wish you best of luck with your bright future. – Tanmay

  30. With all this heated discussion one thing is clear that allof us are bothered about the future of our country. Apna Bharat Mahan! Vande Matram! Bharat Mata Ki Jaya Ho! Yeh mera India, I luv my India!

  31. @Tanmay: Your answer reeks of your ignorance and why are you running away from yourself? It is because of your "let it be" attitude that we are in the present state. If there was one human being in India, who had agitated for the country before, we wouldn't have been in this pathetic state, throwing muck at the character of a true patriot.

  32. These are some of the worst arguements i have seen anywhere. Is this Tanmay fellow an exprt on the issue? And why are thse people silent whi suppoet his view. I thik Tanmay is a stooge of the ItLAIN stiing in Delhi..

  33. Petroleum rates high, every item price high,corruption on highest stage, it was the right time to rise againt this government… Baba cannot hv any wrong intentions.. He does nt need anything.. Already has 1100 crores… Bt he is doing only for indians…

  34. Babaji, Do justice to your conscience.Then you bend to no injustice.
    The cost of Indians’ faith put in your hands.The cost you pay create a page in History.
    When you humble before your Conscious reality ,God heals your land.

  35. A thought never dies. It may lie dormant for some time if the conditions are not conducive but it will rise again from dust as soon as it finds favourable conditions.

  36. There has been a lot of controversy about Baba Ramdev's recent fast and satyagraha at Ramleela Maidan (on 4th June). Practically everyone supports his cause and crusade against black money. Most people support his methods too, of satyagraha, fasting and non-violent protest. However, many people disapprove of such methods which were initially Gandhian and meant for the foreign rulers. They tend to brand it a "drama" even though it may not be so. Since the TV is behind every newsmaker, it has become fashionable to accuse every newsmaker also of "drama -baaji".

    Many people, if not most, also question Baba's claims on his yogic cures. Digvijay Singh is the most prominent amongst them as we all know.

    I would like to recall here how the pranayam lessons given by Baba Ramdev through the medium of the TV, revived the health of a near dead patient, a close doctor (physician) friend of mine, who just had come out of coma after spending three weeks in comatose condition. I wrote a blog on it on 27 Nov 2007 and would like to reproduce it below:

    Here is the old blog reproduced for convenience and the link is :


  37. We once again ask everyone involved in this debate to please follow our comment guidelines. Please do not abuse/post hate comments against your fellow commentors. Comments deviating from the comment guidelines will henceforth be deleted.

  38. Every one, please use noble language because it reflects your 'samskara', your parents, the training they gave you or did not give you, your past births…. The stakes are very high when you use language!

  39. @kshemendra jain: Plz answer the questions I have asked you. Baba Ramdev is not credible!
    @anonymous1: Haha 😀 very patriotic! Love dat!
    @sahilsoni: Petrol prices increase globally with the Gulf being the major players. Plz read about it. And yes, I know that he has 1100 crore rupees! This makes hm a businessman not a Baba or swami. He has corrupted the basic principles of a Sanyasi's life.

  40. @anonymous2: This Tanmay fellow is very rude to Babaji na?? 😀 I am not political and neither I use the kind of words you do. This article is devoted entirely to Ramdev's antics. No one yet has anwsers to all the points I raised in the article. (bdw the Salwar suited him well 😀 )

  41. @kukkumol: Plato in his dialogue of 'Apology' has said: They convince themselves before they convince thee. Dat is very true here…Baba is cheating his own conscience.
    @anonymous3: I agree with you. If the intentions are good.
    @anonymous4: In our Shastras it is said: Shabd Brahma Asti (meaning 'Word is God'). I agree with you and I am trying to be noble with best of my capabilities.

  42. I feel like fully supporting the author of this blog. He has tried to present his views in an apolitical and dignified manner. When we respond very harshly or lower our standard in words, we create rigid, prejudiced and hardened people. That’s exactly to be avoided. Let our country be full of liberal, tolerant, and happy people. As the Noble-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore said long back, ‘Let the breeze come from all sides!’

  43. @V.S.Gopalakrishnan : I do not oppose the cause which is very noble! What I oppose here is the credibility of the man who leads the cause. And I never EVER write anything in which I do not believe! I had studied the topic and then I wrote this article in an apolitical manner. It has nothing to do with fashion or trend as you have hinted.
    Now, as far Yoga is concerned I never opposed or questioned his yoga skills! He may have treated many people as you have said. But I call him a fraud because he is a businessman and founder of ‘Divya Pharmaceuticals’ and now the ‘Patanjali Yoga Pith’! If you remember sir he had said at the beginning of his agitation that this ‘movement’ is completely apolitical. Now both of us know that it was a lie. He also preached ahimsa. But now he talks and justifies about training an army of protesters. A man of such actions does not deserve to be called as the voice of the masses. I hope you get the lies and the see true side of him by my article.

  44. @anonymous: Thanks alot for the support! I agree with the fact that this country needs flexible thinking in order to develop! Love the quotation as well. 🙂

  45. It was an act of political vendetta and an exhibition of arrogance of power. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should apologise for violating the fundamental constitutional right of the citizens to peacefully protest against the policies and actions of the government

  46. @anonymous: Well that is your opinion. I wrote mine. It was not that he was not warned. Inspite of the warning he chose to continue his fast and kept the people hungry as well.

  47. HAHAHAHAHAHA this is so funny.

    But anyways I think baba ramdev is an excellent person. My father followed his yogasana DVD and his blood pressure dropped from 160 to 120.

    Also my family doctor had high blood sugar levels. he attended one of Baba ramdevs camps and in a month his blood sugar level became normal.

    I think baba ramdev is just teaching our ancient yoga techniques and also practicing ayurved.

  48. How come his can’t cure his own flickering eye? He talks about “curing” the gay people with yoga, as if it is some kind of desease. This jerk has commercialised everything – yoga, God, blessings, and what not. As long as people don’t use their own brain, crooks like him will continue to flourish. I am doing my part by trying to expose all of these thieves.

  49. @Meghna Sharma: Flickering eye!! HAHA 😀 Thanks for the comment and plz continue to expose these kinds of political gurus!

  50. Meghna Sharma said..
    How come his can’t cure his own flickering eye?
    grrrrr…I never knew flickering eye is an ailment.

  51. @Tanmay

    Now, as far Yoga is concerned I never opposed or questioned his yoga skills!
    You can't because you knew nothing about it.

    He may have treated many people as you have said.
    Not MAY,he DID TREAT the people.

    But I call him a fraud because he is a businessman and founder of ‘Divya Pharmaceuticals’ and now the ‘Patanjali Yoga Pith’!
    What is wrong if he is businessman?Do you want him to implore before self-styled seculars like you for his living?

    If you remember sir he had said at the beginning of his agitation that this ‘movement’ is completely apolitical.
    Apolitical doesn't mean refraining from attacking CONgress which is in power right now and ruled this nation for 50 years…

    He also preached ahimsa. But now he talks and justifies about training an army of protesters. A man of such actions does not deserve to be called as the voice of the masses.
    That's for self-defence and serving the society.Nothing wrong in it.

  52. Tanmay,why do you take on baba who is fighting for people.You hate him for being businessman?Why don't you concentrate on this fella Digvijay Singh,especially his statements made after congress drub in bihar elections.He is going too far to appease particular section of people through his statements…

    -By targeting RSS almost everyday
    -by addressing OSAMA BIN LADEN as "OSAMAJI"
    -Even yesterday,he blamed hindu extremists for MF Hussian's exile.I am in support of artistic freedom.MF drew pics of hindu goddesses in comprimising positions hurting sentiments.But hindus didn't take to streets like people did when some Danish cartoonist drew caricatures of prophet mohammed.

    See M F Hussains hypocrisy.

    Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger

    Prophet's Daughter Fatima fully clothed

    Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head

    M.F. Hussain's Mother fully clothed

    Naked Saraswati

    Mother Teresa fully clothed

    Naked Shri Parvati

    Hussain's Daughter well clothed

    Naked Draupadi.

    Well clothed Muslim Lady.

    Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana

    Muslim poets Faiz, Galib are shown well-clothed

    Full Clad Muslim King and naked Hindu Brahmin.

    Naked Bharatmata – Hussain has shown naked woman with names of states written on different parts of her body. He has used Ashok Chakra, Tri-colour in the painting. By doing this he has violated law & hurt National Pride of Indians. Both these things should be of grave concern to every Indian irrespective of his religion.

  53. Why is debate taking a religious turn?

    After all we are educated people and still we manage to fall in the same old trap of religious divide which oir politicians have played ever since british raj.

    And as far as baba ramdev is concerned I have great respect for what he did to spread the knowledge of yoga to the world. But then it is yoga that is doing the miracles (if any) and so we should thank any other physiotherapist or other yoga teachers who too preach yoga (may be not in that large scale) but still the are also spreading the same miracles of yoga.

    India is land of cultures and religions. We have a cultural extraveganza that stuns the world in its brilliance and with its unity. It is when we stand together that we represent India. So let us stop bringing religion in midst of everything and let us realise that corruption is the real evil.

    Babaji however honourable his intentions may seem has done things in the past week that questions his motives. A satyagrahi doesnot runaway. and a true indian will never create his private army.. It is a threat to the security and stability of the nation.

    He claims his fight is against corruption but to me it seems more like a fight against UPA. And may I remind you that no government is corruption free. I donot support bjp but then it doesnt mean I am a blind supporter of congress. I support no party or individuals like Ramdev. they are all corrupt. Every government I have seen in this small life has been corrupt. Corruption is there and was also thr. So it would do the politicians and the country good if they stop pointing at each others mistake and start looking at their own. Let not one man fuel his political and publicity aspirations by using the janta. Look beyond what they speak. See the true intentions.

    If you care so much to fight corruptions, stop bribing officials. If care about being an indian realise do small things like saving electricity.. Teach a kid.. Stop spitting on the roads.

    If we cannot control our own behaviour we have no right to question a government that is trying to run a country with people causing trouble everytime and finding faults.

    think for yourself and and then decide who is right. Observe and think. Do not follow a leader blindly. And if you have to follow someone, let me tell you that there are way better social servants.. Sundarlal Bahuguna or Baba Amte for example. Barefoot college.. Why do we not speak up for them? What they did was beyond politics. There are countless people working for this nation. They do not get all the attention and they never seek attention as well. Follow such people.

    Jai Hind!

    – Aersh

  54. @Aersh

    I don't want to malign any particular religion but wanna expose the murky politics of congress,which ruled this nation for 50+ years and yet India remains backward in many respects.Contrary to media propaganda,BJP/RSS are more secular than congress party.Secularism doesn't mean keeping a particular community backward and fool them for votes.See the conditions of minorities in a BJP-ruled state like Gujarat.They are far better than the ones in other states(this was accepted by our PM itself).HINDUTVA is not for hindus alone but for INDIANS….

    It seems like my previous post(containing Digvijay,MF hussian ….) might potentially turn this discussion into religious debate(as pointed out by Mr.Aersh).So,please delete it.Regrets for that.

  55. @Anonymous: We have been monitoring this debate and do not find the need to remove the comment, unless things get out of hand. At the moment, it appears that there is not much of a problem with it 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.

  56. @Batman: RSS is a Hindu extremist group. This organisation was involved in blasts before the assembly elections. An RSS guru is still facing trial. Please do your research properly before posting.
    Your thoughts about the Muslim religion stink. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    People like you do not have humanity. It is people like you and Ramdev who push this country back. It is people like you who are hell bent on making India am unstable country. There is no difference between you and Osama.
    Yes! He is very much political! And the fact that you take names of politicians makes you even more 'not credible'! YES, this Govt. is ruling for 50 years because people vote them Einstein! People prefer this Govt than Radical Mindless people which live on pathetic and bullshit ideology! How DARE you call 'a religion which preaches violence'!! The Muslims of India who work and do there work have more right of calling this country as there own than the 'Hindu Extremists'.

  57. @anonymous1: The fact that you bring late MF Hussain into this topic which is completely irrelevant and uncalled for proves that you do not have points to support Ramdev. The paintings which MF Hussain depicting Hindu Gods and Goddess in obscene postures are crap and they should be completely destroyed because this is not art. That was a blunder of MF Hussain.
    WHY do you ignore his countless other works which are so amazing and vibrant??! Maybe because you do not love art! You are an opportunist who seeks a reason to go against the Muslims! Please mention points which are relevant.

  58. I appeal to every1 that please do not comment on religious issues. I am a Hindu and I do not believe in radical views IRRESPECTIVE OF ANY RELIGION. I love this country like anything. Let us make India a better place to live rather than fighting within ourselves.

  59. Okay! A clarification, Since many of you are sending complaints that this discussion is taking a religious turn, we will henceforth delete any comment with religious intonations. This is to prevent hurt to people of all communities.

  60. I am not pickin religion but there is sumthngs I wud like to be anwered fr me
    @ anonymous – I would like to kno how is hindutva a matter of imterest for the entire nation, especially a secular one?

    Your answer might be blocked I know bt if we ever happen to meet up iwould gladly discuss this over a cup of tea!

    Second, extremism is a very bad thing then be it hindu extremist or islamic terrorist! I condemn it. And the sheer fact that ramdev is allowing himself to mingle with such elements is what makes me cinsider that his intentions are “not so in a proper place”, if i may say so.

    I express complete solidarity with tamnay when he mentions in his foot note that his writing is meant to makw us realise that we should not blindly believe in ramdev's words.

    Also someome commented askin if we do not have a right to voice our opinions in this nation. I say we have the right and it should be well utilised. And not in a way that we blackmail the government into doing whateva we want by staging hunger strikes! We do not have that right!

  61. @batman – a social servant doesnot need an army.. Perhaps a goon does!

    Gandhi served the nation. But I do not think he raised an army to protect himself! Especially since he was also the one who started satyagraha. He went to prison bravely and that is what made him a true hero! Perhaps had ramdev not run away disguised, a wincy bit of respect might have been retained!

  62. @Manipalblog
    We have been monitoring this debate and do not find the need to remove the comment, unless things get out of hand. At the moment, it appears that there is not much of a problem with it 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.
    Thank you,sir.I don't intend to hurt anyone,i just put across my views.

  63. RSS is a Hindu extremist group.
    You are wrong.RSS is largest social service organisation in india.RSS played a vital role in nation building.If you are unaware,read this about RSS.

    "During the China war in 1962, the Swayamsevaks of the RSS swung into action mobilising support to the governmental measures in general and to the jawans in particular. Pandit Nehru was so impressed that he invited a Sangh contingent to take part in the Republic Day Parade of 26th January 1963. When, later on, some Congressmen raised their eyebrows over the invitation to Sangh, Pandit Nehru brushed aside the objections saying that all patriotic citizens had been invited to join the parade. "

    See the pic in which RSS cadres participate in republic day parade after china war.

    The so-called secular commies supported china during that time.

    Do you know that RSS doesn't ask your religion or caste to enroll you in shaka?RSS is is the one of the few organisations which work towards eradicating caste system.There is also RSS muslim Manch,which proves that RSS is secular.

    It was banned in 1947,during emergency and in 90s by congress govts,but every time it happened it came back strongly and clean.

    Contrary to the popular opinion,RSS cadres don't vote for BJP alone because it doesn't order the cadres to vote for a particular party.Roughly 40% of cadres vote for BJP which means that RSS cadres vote for other parties too including congress(RSS is backbone of congress in kerala :P)

    So,please go through the facts and don't nurse blind hatred for RSS.

    Jai Hind!!!

    This organisation was involved in blasts before the assembly elections.An RSS guru is still facing trial
    None of them are convicted yet by Indian courts.They are just arrested.

    Please do your research properly before posting.
    I feel you should do it.

  64. @tanmay

    WHY do you ignore his countless other works which are so amazing and vibrant??! Maybe because you do not love art!
    Same applies to you.Why don't you see the good work done by Baba Ramdev???Why do you have problem with him taking to politics??? 😛

    You are an opportunist who seeks a reason to go against the Muslims! Please mention points which are relevant.
    I don't understand why you think I am against a particular community???As a matter of fact,I respect sufi saints and love their teachings..I just don't like congress supporters irrespective of religion.What I have given is just an example of congress mark politics.They don't treat everyone equal.They go to any extent for votes.For example,our PM(I respect him minus his congress association) itself said minorities have first right over India's resources,which is totally against our constitution……

    I love this country like anything. Let us make India a better place to live rather than fighting within ourselves.
    Good.We,RSS fans, too love this beautiful and diverse nation.We are proud of it… 🙂

  65. I would like to kno how is hindutva a matter of imterest for the entire nation, especially a secular one?
    Hinduism,with its inherent secular characteristics, is not a religion but a "way of life".So we see many faiths prospering in this nation without any trouble.HINDUTVA is just a derivative of hinduism and it stands for peace,TOLERANCE and prosperity… 🙂

    Your answer might be blocked I know bt if we ever happen to meet up iwould gladly discuss this over a cup of tea!
    Glad that you invited me for a cup of tea.But i can't accept your invitation… for now,I am happy being KEYBOARD WARRIOR 😛 ..Not too much into political and religious stuff.Just

    commenting here as it is manipal related one…Thank you….

    Btw,I am glad that you haven't branded me as anti to some community..I am hurt by the other guy doing that. 🙁

  66. I don't understand why elites hate anything related to BJP/RSS.If something wrong is done by them,they see it through magnifying glass and exaggerate it..No good deeds of BJP/RSS are appreciated…

    What about UP congress party giving MP ticket to match fixer(yeah,in cricket..that too as a captain…he eventually won the MP seat tooo)?You don't have any objection to that??

    Why don't you point out at Anna Hazare who shared stage with maoist supporter Swami Agnivesh???

  67. @Tanmay and Aersh

    What's your opinion on communal violence bill proposed by congress??It assumes that "ONLY majority" are responsible for violence(lol…..what about minorities??Do you think they are TOTALLY PEACEFUL) and suggests dismissal of state governments citing that reason..Isn't it easy for the center to foment some trouble in opposition ruled states and dismiss the governments there???Where is equality???Only BJP opposed this bill so far…

  68. @Aersh

    @batman – a social servant doesnot need an army.. Perhaps a goon does!
    Self-defence is valid under constitution…

    Gandhi served the nation. Especially since he was also the one who started satyagraha. He went to prison bravely and that is what made him a true hero! Perhaps had ramdev not run away disguised, a wincy bit of respect might have been retained!
    In what way??Bose,savarkar and Patel are way better and SELFLESS than him…I don't know why BJP people like MODI and Sushma Swaraj and also this baba,anna take the name of Gandhi…Sardar Vallabhai Patel is true father of this nation,not Gandhi….

  69. I am a Hindu and I do not need any certificate from any organization or Baba for that. I cannot live without my gods and goddesses, I cannot live without our colorful festivals, rich traditions and lovely rituals but I see no point in criticizing any other religion. Methods may be different but the ultimate reality is the same. May good sense prevail! Ameen, Amen, Om!

  70. India is a secular nation and it belongs to all Indians. Those of us who do not polerize on religious issues are no less concerned about the welfare of our motherland. No one can claim ownership of anti corruption movement. Black money cannot be brought in a day. It needs detailed exercise. Let's push for it in a systematic and sensible manner.

  71. @Vishaal:I was confused! But m glad I got it right the first time! 😀 Thanx!
    @Batman: Ya. I get it! When I say 'rigid' I mean it! And you have proved it right 🙂 Plz continue with your ideologies.
    @anonymous: I have no problem with Baba coming to politics. But when he lies in public about the 'movement' being apolitical then its kinda fishy! And plz tok abt the court case when the verdict is out! Till then the RSS guru is a suspect!

  72. @ anonymous 2 and 3: Thank you! 🙂 I am so glad that there are people like you in this country. I agree with the point that black money cannot be brought back in a day but it must come back after the legal process! Love the 'Ameen Amen and Om'! 🙂

  73. @tanmay

    Ya. I get it! When I say 'rigid' I mean it!And you have proved it right 🙂 Plz continue with your ideologies
    Can you specific,dude?It will be interesting to know your views on the following subjects which will give an idea about your secular ambit(hope it is not limited to bashing/opposing anything related to saffron)

    -The proposed communal violence bill which assumes that only majority will be responsible for a riot.What the heck is this!!!!!!!!! 😡 😡

    -Seems like you hate Babas…What's your opinion on this guy Dr.Zakir Naik who has lakhs of followers in India?Watch these videos..

    He was banned from entering UK because he supported Osama,but in India he is free… :D.He even spoke against vande mataram..

  74. Comments are now closed on this post due to creeping of irrelevancy to the original post. You can still post your views using the facebook comments system. Thank you all.

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