All That I Lost – A Poem by Saswata Ghosh

One foot in the past, and one in the future,
I asked myself- “Which road to venture?”
Where will I find, the spring of eternal rapture?
Or is it just a mirage, my heart choses to chase,
Forgetful of past dangers, that tormenting phase?
…All for a thirst, still unquenched after days.

All that I prayed, was for a few drops of rain,
Soon to be deluged, I was with horror and pain,
From fractures of my consciousness, taking years to drain.
…All because I saw, an ocean in someone’s eyes.
Two palms full of love, my parched lips could suffice-
Short lived was the euphoria, coz I succumbed to those lies…

All that I dreamt- was to grow old in your arms;
Loved I just you, not this world and its charms.
Untouched I thought I was, from Destiny and its harms.
For all I ever needed, was your loving hand in mine
Yet why you fell from grace, forgot to draw that line;
How ignored you choking cries, of my heart beating in thine?

All that I had left- were a few smiles and healing scars.
Rest all tales of agony, surviving one-sided wars;
Then you came with compassion, voiced myth of shooting stars.
Still unsure I warned you not, to lead me down that road.
But you bet your shade could bring, this wandering soul abode;
Yet I stand among walls wherein, my sighs had once echoed.

All my world comprised, was with you and a soul unborn,
To lose myself in your eyes, to kiss them every morn.
Yet dreams all now lay trampled, sweet promises Ah forlorn!
They ask if I can forgive you still, for old good times enjoyed:
Does courage remain in him who saw, his tender hopes destroyed?
Don’t speak of dreams for I’ve enough, nightmares to fill my void.

Posted initially on facebook.