Death is what gives meaning to life

We live more meaningfully when were faced with the reality of death. We do not live forever. When some people have had a close brush with death, the experience tends to enrich their lives.
We still deny death like we deny sex. Death is not talked about around the dinner table. Young people under the age of 35 are not afraid to discuss death as much as older people though.
When some people become aware that one day they are going to die, they begin to reaccess their lives. Everything they owned or possessed loses significanse. Nothing matters to them anymore. There is no reason for living then. They feel there’s no point to life so they kill themselves. They feel that life itself is absurd, it has no purpose. They don’t realize that they are not absurd but that the universe is.


Man is thrown into a universe that has no answers to his questions. Where did I come from? What I am doing here? And where am I going?
Mankind is a stranger in a world that is silent. The universe will not give answers to our questions. But the meaning of life is not ‘out there’. It is inside all of us. Everyone has the will to be happy.
If nothing matters in your life, then make something matter. We have the freedom to change ourselves. Choose something that has significance to yourself. You are what you value.
What would prevent us from blowing up the world. What reason is there for the continuance of life. We don’t need a justification for living. We need justification for termination. What we need is a reason from someone who would destroy the world!