Manipal Rowdy: Loose girls are socially unacceptable

This is just moving forward from this facebook note: to the slut walkers. and to that lovely girl in my office with creamy legs.

In this increasingly amoral society I find it refreshing lo watch young, virile, sexually careless men (totally ripped on cheap wine and brewskies)pass up the party sluts to concentrate on more productive activities such as praying to the Porcelain God.
You know what party sluts I am speaking of: high school girls between the ages of 16 and 19 that look more like they’re 23 to 25. They pretend to get drunk on a potent kool-aid trying someone is attempting to pass for wine cooler, then let themselves be fondled and violated ten different ways by male contemporaries they have never met before, nor shall they ever see again.

And boy, do they dress the part! They stuff their firm little hour-glass shapes into dresses so tight that if ink were lo be injected into their skin, it would probably look less binding. If that isn’t enough, most of them seem to possess bra sizes large enough to fumigate an apartment complex, but since they don’t really wear bras in the first place (too inaccessible in heated moments) they choose to “cover up” (ha!) with what looks like a strap of fringe held up by a glue stick.
It profoundly disturbs me that people that were given the same education by the same teachers in the same school I attended can be so ignorant. I do not wish to come off as high and mighty, bul the empty, incessant chatter I once thought to be induced by two sips of a bacardi seemed to continue even after the effects of alcohol not even equivalent to two capfuls of Bartles & Jaymes wore off.
Their mental capacity only seems to sustain thc likes of mall cruising, flirting with guys, giving hickies that bear a strong likeness to the shape of the state of Madhya Pradesh, shopping for new slutly clothes, and studying up on barracuda techniques.
Overall, the evolution (or, rather devolution) of party sluts which started as a mere petting session with drunken teenage boys has developed into serious breeding grounds for sexually transmitted diseases. The only step left for these giris is to start charging fees. However, being in the world that we are, they’ll probably strap credit card machines lo their hip. Hey guys, don’t forget your ATM card next time you go partying.