Professors to have Daily assignment to build quality in Education: Manipal University Decries

Recently, there was a very critical and a rather stern article in the Udayavani (a local kannada newspaper of the Manipal group) regarding the declining quality of education in Manipal University. The article by a very eminent educationist has caused a lot of speculation amongst the students of Manipal along with their parents, with regards to the quality of education in this very prestigious institute.

‘Manipal University is also called as the Harvard of the east. Does it mirror the reality?’. This is one the many lines in that article which has caused a fall in the reputation of this University. Other points which were made in that article mostly blamed the teaching staff for the constant fall in the quality of students that pass out every year. ‘I would request the authorities of the Manipal Universities to make the teachers earn their salary’ said the article.

And it looks like one of the officials has indeed looked upon this issue with extreme seriousness. In an internal circular  issued from the registrars office this morning (which we managed to get hold of) there are some stunning across the board changes, which is causing some heartburn to the teaching staff.  I was stunned and happy at the same time because finally the teachers would get a taste of their own medicine.

Tense  Manipal University teachers at a meeting to discuss the sweeping educational reforms

“Weekly assignments and tri-monthly examinations for all the teachers of the Manipal University” was the top heading in that circular. The reasons stated for this ‘drastic’ action were given along with the various clauses. The top most reason which I could make out was the rapid increment in the lack of discipline inside the classroom in the past decade. The introduction of projectors has made teaching a child’s play for the staff. ‘Even my 15 year son could do that’ said the critical article.

The reactions of the student were diverse yet united. ‘This will bring equity when it will come to the student teacher relationship’ said a jubilant Lalith Nag, an MIT student.

‘This had to happen. I am surprised this came so late’ said Vrinda, a student of MCOPS.

One of the students started running away from us when we told him of the news. When we asked him, the excited student said something which sounded like ‘Deetee’.

Everyone has been congratulating the educationist on his phenomenal achievement. “The power of my pen can still shake the very basic foundation of the education system”, said the educationist, with an air of arrogance. “Today Manipal University has shown that it has the potential to be the Harvard of the east”, he added.

This step has gathered nationwide attention and will be broadcasted in various channels. CNN IBM will be interviewing the writer of that article. Do not miss it! Our University is in the news for a revolutionary change.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you the name of the educationist? His name is Mr. Fake Chand. Go and have a blast!