School the sane insanity

As we prepare for finals, transfers, graduation, or returning here for another semester, let’s take a moment to reflect on those things that make school an experience.
First let’s remember those long lines during registration. It was then that many of us stood there saying things to ourselves like: “Why am I here?” “What’s taking so long? Are they registering by smoke signal?” “Why didn’t I use the mail-in registration forms when I had the chance?”
The next place we had to endure long lines was in the bookstore. Remember those textbooks that cost a pretty penny?

Isn’t it mind-boggling to watch them decrease in value by more than 50% during book buy back?
Then in the fall semester, you see them cost twice what you were given for them.
How about the day you decided to give the school cafeteria a try? Quite an experience, wasn’t it? No matter where you go, cafeterias always seem to take what was once perfectly good food and make it “different”.
How many of you went to the library to type a term paper?
Everything is going along fine. You feed the photocopier to keep it going. When you have one last sentence to print, the power runs out to your horror.
When you woke up that morning, you knew it would be one of those days.
Before you go insane, spring break gives you a week to relax. A week never seems to be enough. Before we know it, midterms are around the comer.
Where did the time go?
You put off studying, which means that you have to cram the night before the test.
You are relieved to find you passed,just barely.
Then for awhile we just trudge along—it’s all a matter of routine at this point.
Finals are approaching and you are at least five chapters behind in all of your classes. But by some miracle, you survive finals and pass all of your classes.
Looking back, you find you hated school for most of the year. How many times did you feel like just quitting?
But now you find those thoughts amusing. All in all, it wasn’t that bad.
Come August, you’re ready to do it all again.