Six Things you should know as a College Freshman at Manipal

2. Connect with Others. If you are living on campus, get to know your roommate and others in your residence dorm. Isolating yourself contributes to feelings of homesickness. Meeting people through the organized events that are set up through the college is the best way to get to know others on campus. Just because you do not live on campus does not mean that you don’t need to get to know others. Most college classes require students to participate in events, do group work and work with others on projects; this requires you to build relationships with fellow students. Isolation is the quickest way to take the fun out of the
college experience.
Not only does it make the experience better, but you may need to call on your on campus friends someday to work on a project or to explain your homework assignment to you. Take advantage of the opportunities to meet others.
5. Get to Know Your Professors. Just as your local guardian is someone you should speak with regularly, your professors are also key resources in your academic community. Don’t just go to class and leave; rather, get to know your professors and let them know you. Ask questions, participate in class and seek them out for clarification on an assignment. Your professors will serve as professional references for you in the future and also have a wealth of experience to offer. You don’t want to just be a name on the class roster but someone who actively participates in his or her education.

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