“Suicide” To Save a Life

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But what of it though?  It was a wasted death yes, was it a wasted life?  She did what she did in full consciousness and knowing what would happen, in the hope of making life better for two people close to her.  In Manipal, death among acquaintances has become sadly almost common.  Though it never looses it’s pain. Have heard a few who killed themselves for a lover, some for grades, some for depression, and mostly cuz some idiots got drunk and went for a ride.  Those are useless deaths.  Useless lives.  Especially the lover one.  No person is worth your life.  No one.  Would they think what would happen after?  Your parents send you to Manipal to come back with a degree in your hand, not in a body bag.

But in this case of the girl.  Was it worth it?  She died for what people like to say “for what she believed in”.  Even though nothing came out of it.  Is this worth it?  Can this death be forgiven?  In Christian mythology, suicide is one of the deadly sins.  Thereby cementing your place in the depths of hell.  Should this be considered in the same category?


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