“Help me win this” PLZ :) !……

How many times have we seen in online recently on Facebook?  I myself am guilty of the same.  I enter competitions where the key isn’t how good you are it’s how many friends you’ve got and how many would go through the process of liking a page, then liking the submission, all so  as to “help” you win the competition.

Personally I feel it’s almost up to a level a death of real achievement.  So if I win it would be because I could cajole a couple hundred “friends” to like my submission?  I know people who went around calling people literally for likes.  It’s disappointing to see people with recognizable talent getting left behind in droves as perhaps they don’t have enough “Likes” to really make it through.  In the photography competitions I’ve noticed that people with astounding images with clarity, great technical impact, composition and most of all impact get the lowest # of “likes”.

I know humans sadly still have a major “herd” mentality.  If a submission has many likes then it must be good, on the other hand if it has none of minimal then it must be useless. Everyone will keep “liking” the one with the most and not even bothering with actually using their grey matter to see if they actually like it.  I’m always reminded of when I’m about go through twin doors and how everyone will line up to get through one side, I always go through the one right next to it.  90% of the time it’s open. Just no one thought of actually going to the side as it was against the herd.

The competition is fierce but really what is the real competition?  Definitely isn’t how talented you are in that subject.  No.  That’s not it.  The competition becomes in the end how talented you are in coercing your fans to do a few extra steps out of their way to like your submissions.

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