Memories Black & White- A Poem by Sassoto

Something’s different I know, since last that I came home… It’s swimming in the air, don’t know what to call. My feet sink in the sand, memories splash like the foam. This heart is heavier than- the rocks where breakers crash, Yet hollower than the shells, reminders although small Of names two carved on sand, in tides washed in a flash!

Your footsteps I couldn’t hear, but a breeze ruffled my hair. Such familiar was the caress, such startling this message: “Just a few miles from here, in same emptiness you stare Where silence cloaks the surface, chaos whispers in thoughts.” Once there we lay on grassy bed, stars jived on moonlit stage, Then sudden the music fled, and left us to connect the dots… Since then every night, we search for the magic Like green souls wait, in thirst for the dew But this wish translates, in another tear tragic. When the curtain flurries, to an occasional draught, “Don’t rush to the window”, where we bade “Adieu!” For torn is the paper, where these feelings could blot.

O how we skimmed through eternity, in that romantic night! But ended on opposite banks- Lo, when our boat capsized! Dreams then got vaporized, into memories black and white. Words also got frozen, into heart-beats amplified. Blessed are they whose journey, like fairy-tales realized; These verses but an elegy to- hearts severed and crucified!

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