On riding

August 4, 2011 YuhHui 4

The best items offered here in Manipal are undisputedly the bikes and scooters. Since young, my mom would tell me that riding was a dangerous activity. Living in the fast- paced city of Kuala Lumpur, […]


A Report on Manipal

August 3, 2011 Kanwar Singh 3

INTRODUCTION About myself. o Originate from Canada (though some studying done in India during my middle school). o Bachelor of Dental Science for 5 years (4 + 1 Yr Internship) These are my opinions of […]


Monsoon Magic Photography Competition! 10 Days Left

August 3, 2011 Kanwar Singh 0

Only 10 days left before ManipalBlog.com’s photography Monsoon Magic competition closes! Show us what this season of the drizzles and overcast sky means to you! Send in your entries asap to photography@manipalblog.com.  Check here for all the details! K.S.

Art and Literary

I Wanna

August 2, 2011 PDS Conquistador 0

I wanna walk on the grass so green, I wanna feel the sky spic clean, I wanna stop the time and relax, I wanna eraze all my life’s blacks, I wanna sleep on mumma’s lap […]



August 2, 2011 Kumar Bhaskar 0

Sometimes we feel lucky about the position we have but the feeling vanishes into thin air when we come to know that the same position is shared by someone else who too feel the same […]