Exam Time!!! All The Best

The countdown has already begun. “18 days to go and I will be in the world’s best place; my mother’s lappy”said one of my friends, clearly unperturbed by the exam fever. Many of us would agree with him, preferring to look at the greener side that lies ahead than get bogged down by the ‘GPA pressure’.

This is the time when Facebook finally takes a backseat (for most of us) and books become our ‘temporary’ friends. The student portal website suddenly becomes our most visited link; as we keep a tab on our internals and attendance (and our peer’s). Lipton stalls and the night canteens look forward to this period the most. Our lazy students prefer eating at these places, hoping that the ’10 minutes’ they save by doing so is going to fetch them extra marks. Food court looks empty for a change, but this doesn’t really affect the authorities much (you eat or not,90 Rs are gone every day!).

You will find students trying almost everything, from sticky notes to making a time table to putting a 4 a.m. alarm which ultimately turns to 10 a.m. thanks to continuous snoozing. In the meantime, you will bombard your brain with a dozen theorems every hour, and then wonder “Was this taught? Is it included in the portions”? The next thing you might do is check the previous years’ papers, hoping that that particular irritating theorem never really came. And as the D -day nears, you tend to start having more ants in your pant and suddenly spirituality sounds too rational! The circumstances appear to be loading the dice against every second student. Although everyone still remains hopeful of completing the course at least by the eleventh –hour.

If you are still not passionate enough for preparations then the best place to visit is library. There you will come across some over enthusiastic nerds (pun intended) who won’t leave their seat till they are forced to; staring at quantum formulas with an eagle’s eye. Just having a glance at them will itself make you realize what a sore loser you have been.

Unfortunately, this is also the time when the first year finally ends. By now almost all sections have had their class pics done. Seeing these pictures at the end of 4 years would certainly bring back some sweet nostalgic moments. It’s going to be interesting to see what lies in store once we return from the break. It’s all going to start afresh-new friends, new subjects, new academic block. They say the only thing constant in this world is change and every phase in life teaches us something or the other. Exam is another phase, subjected to a periodic function with a variable called ‘student’ and the range of which is 5 to 10 points to exist in the ‘pass’ plane!!! Sorry, I blame exams; bhawnaao ko samjho!!!

Enjoy these last few days of first year, off course with books though.

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