Girls’ hostels in Manipal have always attracted many eyeballs. Be it the 1st block, which is nearest to NLH or the 11th/12 block (quite infamous for providing shelter to many creepy creatures as well; lately a gigantic python was found near the area), each one has its own distinctive appeal. But the one that stands out and always remains the first choice for many girls is the 13th block. Most of you would be fairly acquainted with the 13th block by now thanks to the scandalous planchet story. But besides that, 13th block is also the largest girls’ hostel of MIT and boasts of a diverse culture. You will find girls from all across the University and not just MIT. Although such an atmosphere might lead to less bonding in the initial days, it invariably leads to a healthy bonhomie and a sundry friend circle.

Amidst all the chirping, chitchatting, gossiping, late night studies, the bond that binds every hosteller is “Friendship”. 13th  block  as  everyone  knows  is  considered as one of the  most luxurious hostels in  MIT. It comprises  of  more  than  400 rooms, AC and  Non  AC and  has varieties such  as  single and  double  rooms. The extra facilities provided  to  13th  block  are washing  machines (Ya, I  know boys  are  jealous), TV room, gymnasium, study room, table tennis room,  night canteen  etc. Though I am  just  6 months old  in  this  hostel, I  am  already  in  awe  of  my second home. From late night  birthday parties  to  late  night movies/sitcoms, 13th block  is always awake and  is  never  sleeping. Shouting and dancing like mad people with loud music at the stroke of midnight was never so much fun. Knocking the  door of friends and asking “Yaar kal exam  ka syllabus kya  hain”(what is the syllabus for tomorrow’s test)   and  then realizing  “Yaar  itna  nai  ho  payega”(syllabus is too much) is  our  exam  regime. Surely, there are  nerds  here who always study  in the  study  room and  we juniors watch  them  with horror and say  “Yaar  itna padhna  padhta hain” (there is too much to study)  “Yaar  humlog  to latak  jayenge” (we might as well flunk).

Let’s not forget the perm time. The suspicious look of the warden who always thinks the Late Lateef is involved in illegal activities can be really irksome. One minute  late and  they  welcome you  with a  series  of  interrogations…..but then  escaping is  one  form of  fun right? ;)

The Ashriya mess  is  one  of  the  most  popular  messes in  MIT and  really serves  delicious  food. Outside the 13th block, you will find at least 20 couples sitting and having fun. Watching them from the premises certainly makes for a romantic view.

13th block  gave  me and I am  sure will give me LARGER  THAN  LIFE  EXPERIENCES in the coming 3 years. Now eagerly looking forward to the beginning of the next semester, and a fresher hostel life…..

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