KMC: Freshers Party!

Beginning at 6PM, the event started out with dance performances, followed soon after by the dinner break, with Freshers and Seniors likewise treated to a plethora of tasty dishes served by the caterers of Fortune. The atmosphere at the Hall was a deafening multitude of earsplitting whistles being blown almost throughout the event, combined with the humdrum of chitchat and excited voices of KMC seniors, adorned in lavish suits and glittering saris, clicking pictures of each other animatedly, glowing at the opportunity to enjoy themselves thoroughly as well as interact with the new batch of medical students.

The Freshers, followed the grand KMC tradition of donning a very retro dress code. The unfortunately hilarious yet colorful dress code involved a pink shirt with yellow pants and a blue scarf for the boys. For the girls, it was a mustard suit with an orange dupatta. Of course leniencies were allowed in terms of substituting a pink shirt for a flower pattern or a sky blue shirt, but the concept of glaring loud colors remained the same. Many enjoyed wearing it, turning it into an 80s theme costume complete with sunglasses, showcasing it proudly on the ramp walk of the stage.

According to Dr. Vinod Nayak, Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, MU Sports Advisor, “It is always heartening to watch the newly admitted juniors finally meeting up and interacting with seniors. This is their rite of passage into our KMC brotherhood. I wish them (the Freshers) the best of days at KMC”.

It was then time for the ‘Mr. and Ms. Fresher’ competition. Of course no event is complete without performances that enthrall audiences as well as make their ribs tickle. This Freshers party did not fail to live up to the expectations, with imitations of celebrities by the opposite sex as the main theme of the contest. Performances included the mock rivalry between Sheila and Munni, the 2 most iconic item girls of the decade, a contest of strength between Thor of Asgard and our very own invincible Indian superhero Rajnikanth and last but not the least, the ‘legendary’ Barney Stinson courting none other than Silk Smitha.

Convincing and impressive, the performances were responsibly perverted, easing the immense expectations on the participants from the jeering as well as approving audience below. According to Radhika Arya, a member of the Event’s OC, “The Freshers just keep getting better every year. Regarding wit and costumes, they have definitely raised the bar, again.”

Kasturba Medical College KMC’s Freshers party 2012 ended on a high note finally, gaining the approval of the new batch of highly satisfied juniors as well as the seniors, promising a wonderful and fun year ahead.

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