On Football and handshakes

This is my column for ManipalBlog and as the name suggests it is related to football, the beautiful game. Here I shall be discussing the results, controversies, tactics etc. of the previous week in Europe‘s top leagues and the Champions League.

The Handshake gate:

In recent times the pre-match ritual of handshakes has been blown out of proportion by the media. The Terry/Ferdinand and Suarez/Evra controversies come to mind. The buildup to the matches involving these players are all about ‘will he’ or ‘won’t he’ in regard to a handshake, ignoring the real deal – Football played on the field. Honestly, these so called ‘rituals’ have to be removed as they court more controversy than necessary. No one is going to talk about handshakes which take place but only about those which didn’t, which is ridiculous. Footballers are professionals and adults and it is just a foolish measure to ask them to shake hands irrespective of their will. It must be up to them to shake hands of fellow professionals at their own will, hence avoiding the unnecessary and allowing people to concentrate on football.