The Top 5 MotoGP Battles in Recent Times

July 30, 2013 whiteguardian 0

With the race bikes clocking speeds up to 350 kmph and negotiating hairpins and dangerous corners at insane speeds, watching MotoGP races can be a thrilling experience. Over the years, the sport has produced some of the best battles. Here’s


Media Technology at MIT Manipal

July 21, 2013 Sailendra Chetlur 0

Printing the 3rd largest industry in the world have a great demand in indian market with only few colleges offering the course in engineering level.MIT manipal is one of the top most private college serving this course to the students


Manipal: A Fresher’s Tale

July 21, 2013 Zeroint 0

Getting here is a different experience for everyone but more or less it revolves around having a less than impressive JEE or BITSAT score. MUOET reinforced my confidence, and I can bank on that. It helped; a lot! Mechanical was