TAPMI Professor invited to speak at AACSB’s ICAM 2014

Prof. Sivakumar of TAPMI, Manipal has been invited to speak at AACSB’s 2014 ICAM program at   Singapore to be held on 7-9 April 2014. TAPMI is one of the only two business schools in India that are AACSB accredited.Prof. Sivakumar

This  is  the  first  time  that  AACSB’s  ICAM  is  being  held  at  its  Asia-Pacific  headquarters.   The  Association  to  Advance  Collegiate  Schools  of  Business  (AACSB)  is  a  global,  nonprofit   membership  organization  of  educational  institutions,  businesses,  and  other  entities  devoted   to  the  advancement  of  management  education.  Established  in  1916,  AACSB  International   provides its members with a variety of products and services to aid them with the continuous   improvement  of  their  business  programs  and  schools.  694  member  institutions  that  hold   AACSB Accreditation represent 45 countries and territories worldwide.  The 2014 International   Conference & Annual Meeting  (ICAM)  Program was developed  to address Innovation, Impact   and  Engagement  according  to  the  new  2013  Accreditation  Standards.  Three  tracks  named  A, B & C   address   Innovation,  Impact   and   Engagement  in  the  B-School  respectively.  Sessions   are  themed  to discuss  the Accreditation, Sustainability and Collaborative efforts of B-Schools   worldwide.

Prof. Sivakumar of TAPM, Manipal will co-present session B3 dealing with Assurance of Learning   (AoL) for Quality Improvement and Accountability on the ACCREDITATION theme between  1:45   – 3:00 pm on April 8, 2014 along with Prof. Roy Green, Dean, UTS Business School, University   of  Technology,  Sydney.  International  accreditation  and  national  processes  increasingly   emphasize assurance of learning in the context of curricula management to achieve high quality   outcomes in business education. This session looks at ways in which b-schools assess learning to revise and improve  curricula, what kind  of  systems  schools are  developing  to  complement   accreditation  requirements  and  build  accountability,  how  accreditation  provides  scope  for   innovation and creativity in curricula design and what  steps  schools are  taking  to incorporate indirect measures such as employer and alumni surveys into curricula management processes.

Dr Sivakumar is a Professor in the marketing area. He has 2 decades of experience in teaching,   research, consulting and executive education in business management. He did his postdoctoral   research at Technology University Delft The Netherlands on design for the BoP markets. He was the coauthor of the prize-winning case “Primacy: Global Design from India?” in the Innovation   Management  category  of  the  2012  ISB  Ivey  case  competition.  His  book  on  Retail  Marketing   was  published  in  2008.  He  has  publications  in  journals  like  Journal  of  Medical  Marketing  &   International  Journal  of  Retailing  &  Distribution  Management.  He  has  contributed  across   teaching  research executive education  faculty  development and academic administration. His areas of interests include Retailing, Marketing, Healthcare, Design and Agribusiness.