Gift a smile,Transform a child’s life

October 24, 2017 whiteguardian 0

 With a staggering population of close to 1.3 billion, our country has a large quantity of underprivileged children, where 1 out of 700 of these kids are born with cleft lip and as well as other congenital facial malformations. These

Fashion and Beauty

Creating the Greatest Halloween Costume Ever

October 17, 2017 whiteguardian 0

When Halloween comes around once per 12 months individuals begin thinking about what types of costumes they wish to wear for that 12 months to make a splash. Halloween costumes provide a excellent range of choices in disguises for a


Halloween – A brief history

October 16, 2017 whiteguardian 0

Halloween is a very old ritual beginning in the fifth century BC. The Celts during this period believed that the souls of their ancestors would come back on October 31 to reincarnate in another body. Many people would flee their