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Oral Hygiene Awareness Camp by MMMC Manipal

November 22, 2019 whiteguardian 0

An oral hygiene awareness camp will be conducted by the Faculty of Dentistry, Melaka Manipal Medical College, MAHE, Manipal for the benefit of students of the Government Higher Primary School, Rajivnagar, Manipal. The motto for […]


Notes on The Dow Theory

November 15, 2019 whiteguardian 0

The Dow Theory is one of the oldest and most famous technical theories. It was postulated by Charles Dow, the founder of Dow Jones Company in the late nineteenth century. It is a helpful tool […]


आर्टिकल 370 का संक्षिप्त इतिहास

November 15, 2019 whiteguardian 0

भारत को आजादी मिलने के बाद 20 अक्टूबर, 1947 को पाकिस्तान समर्थित ‘आजाद कश्मीर सेना’ ने पाकिस्तानी सेना के साथ मिलकर कश्मीर पर आक्रमण कर दिया और काफी हिस्सा हथिया लिया था. इस हिस्से को […]