Manipal Ka Dil Chahta Hai Goa!

Dil Chahta Hai Goa

“Hum logon ko har saal ek na ek baar Goa zaroor aana chahiye.” – Dil Chahta Hain.

The state of Goa, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” and a “Tourist Paradise,” is situated on India’s western coast in the Konkan coastal belt.

Goa gets its name from the Konkani word “Goyan,” which means “a patch of tall grass.”

Beach, booze, and best friends the 3 B’s that define Goa. The perfect juxtaposition of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sunkissed selfies, sand, sea, seafood, and susegad makes Goa, India’s Hawaii.

Old Goa ChurchGoa Sunset by the Seamonsoon with pleasant weather all year. Goa’s seasons are divided into two categories: dry and monsoon. The southwest monsoon arrives on Goa’s shores in June and stays until September. This is when it rains the most, with July being the wettest month of the year.

Article and photos by @rajasik_

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