dogs of manipal
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Dogs of Manipal

May 24, 2021 Guest Blogger 0

Hello Hooman, My name is Rocky! No wait, it’s Goldie or maybe Simba. Actually, it keeps changing, just like my hooman friends, who used to be with me daily at KC, my home! Everyone left as the time flew, Manipal

Reminiscin life at a beach
Monsoon Stories

Reminiscing Life at a Beach

May 22, 2021 Guest Blogger 0

It is an inexplicable enigma how the tides wash over our senses to restore serenity in the wake of brimming angst. We stand by the shore, drinking in the vigorous rush of its sounds as the waves clamor back and

Manipal Sunset by the sea

Manipal Interrupted

May 22, 2021 Guest Blogger 0

Many captions and stories have been written expressing the anger towards the pandemic for bringing our Manipal life to a stop even before we could start living it. I completely get the rage; I am one of you. Two months

Manipal Rains
Campus Life

Manipal Rains are Unforgettable!

May 22, 2021 Guest Blogger 0

It was Feb 18th, when I started my journey here in Manipal. All the talks around rains made me really excited about the weather in Manipal. I mean, yeah, it was the summer season, but still. Every single day, I


Capernaum – A Review

May 8, 2021 Guest Blogger 0

“Capernaum” is a sprawling story based on true events, moving beyond the conventions of documentary or realism into an unnamed style of representation. It is a protesting howl and a resistance anthem. Nadine Labaki’s Capernaum never addresses abortion by name,