Angel so Divine

July 5, 2011 Life.in 0

So lost in a world of mine didnt hav any track of time life seemed like a bottle of wine was the illussion damn fine?. living on a mountain peak little did i no my […]


As i face a Reality.

May 2, 2011 Life.in 0

“I avoided that path yet again, Image: Pictures of Objects in Life and Nature It seemed like a day before, when i was walking with THAT one person, on that path, and with every small […]


A hazy reality..

April 23, 2011 Life.in 0

Have you ever faced, a reality, a reality which maybe is known to none, a reality which does not exist for others? Which never will? Yes, I have faced it! And every time, I’m transported […]


A First Blog Post

April 22, 2011 Life.in 8

And at last, I enter this world of blogs, I never liked the idea of sharing your life with the whole world, maybe for me somethings should me kept personal.. but! I still decide to […]