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Mark Zuckerberg

June 16, 2011 Nash 1

Mark Zuckerberg Original Profile of Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook). You can’t block him !! Obviously he is the god of facebook. He made it !! You can’t block the God !! Try it !! […]


Some time with “Not so Blessed” Children

April 17, 2011 Nash 0

It was a medical and dental health camp organized by the Voluntary Service organization, Manipal University at Bala niketan Orphanage. Started with a small inauguration. Though I was not much into listening the speeches the […]


Being A Doctor

April 16, 2011 Nash 2

Sitting in my hostel, I wonder…. those days of my childhood, I remember… The afternoon sun and the month of december… The playful sun, and our sports teacher.. “What do you want to become in […]