Media Technology at MIT Manipal

July 21, 2013 Sailendra Chetlur 0

Printing the 3rd largest industry in the world have a great demand in indian market with only few colleges offering the course in engineering level.MIT manipal is one of the top most private college serving […]


The Archer

June 30, 2011 Sailendra Chetlur 1

Stood the archer upon the hilltop fort Clad in colours likening those of his king Stood he, upon the green hilltop fort, Upon the stone castle walls, Gazing around at the green plains below Plains […]


Skull Kid 3:16 (Part II)

April 11, 2011 Sailendra Chetlur 2

This is part II of ‘Skull Kid’. You can read part one here – Skull Kid: The Beginning Skully lay face down in bed Thinking back on the pool of red He had killed 5 […]