Generation gap

June 4, 2011 Tharuman 1

This post is strictly from a student’s point of view. If there is one thing to be observed in a daily lecture class scenario is that the generation gap between Lecturers Vs Students is gaining […]

No Picture

Words of wisdom =)

May 3, 2011 Tharuman 1

I have been coming across many interesting sayings of late and its best to share with the world such findings. Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. Wethern’s Law The sooner you fall behind, the […]


Back =)

April 1, 2011 Tharuman 1

Image: k0k s3n w4i I am back to Manipal – yet again. I seriously cant believe how fast time flies while you’re here. It as though Manipal is its own dimension of the very fabric […]


A new face

March 6, 2011 Tharuman 4

Hey there. I’m new here, this is my first time ever posting on this site. Have been cracking my head for the past few days abut what to write, and when I actually had the […]