Are you single ?

July 30, 2011 Vikram Singh Tomar 1

ManipalBlog admin warning : The post contains true descriptions of authors desires in the opposite sex which might be disturbing or emotionally challenging. Emotional fools advised to go read something in the kids section. After many fu*ked relationships, I have


Manipal Psycho : Fights are Forever

July 18, 2011 Vikram Singh Tomar 0

Image source : brainbschizo.onsugar.com “Common what are you waiting for? I got this baby. I have always got you out of trouble and will do the same this time. You got nothing to lose, you can’t do anything anyway!” he

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Manipal witty quotes

July 16, 2011 Vikram Singh Tomar 0

“In Manipal its not about going to the library with an umbrella, its about returning home with it.” – Vikram Tomar ” One word that can sum up the essence of Manipal is Freedom, the freedom to be totally you.”-



July 11, 2011 Vikram Singh Tomar 0

Image source : thesun.co.uk In the ocean of pain, the fish of hope was born When the ship of happiness wrecked , the sail was torn Avoiding the predators of suffering it flee But was blinded by the light of