regional rural banks

Career Opportunities in Regional Rural Banks

June 29, 2020 whiteguardian 0

In July 1969, groundbreaking changes were made to India’s financial sector with the nationalization of 14 big banks. The second phase of the nationalization of banks took place in 1980 when six more banks were brought under government control. The

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How to do a Background Investigation

February 19, 2019 whiteguardian 0

With the growing threat of terrorism around the world, a background check has become a necessity for most companies and even people. Background check is a process in which the specifics of an individual’s past are revealed for the purposes

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How to Find a Job Quickly

February 18, 2019 whiteguardian 0

There are times in your life when you might not be able to take the time to search for a job. For instance, you might have to relocate due to family issues or because you are being made redundant. There


Career Counselling for Schoolers by Scio

February 6, 2019 whiteguardian 0

SCIO Benevolent Foundation is hosting, Veda an event which amasses a huge student body consisting of students from various schools for an interactive counselling session at the MIT Campus. Successful people from various career backgrounds and the faculty at Manipal