MIT Students Create Monster

March 29, 2011 Aditya Kamath 3

Jumping over benchmarks put up by rivaling colleges like IITs and BITS, a group of students at Manipal Institute of Technology have managed to create a humanoid robot with implements which could provide assistance in socially proved conditions. This humanoid



March 21, 2011 Aditya Kamath 4

On checking the ManipalBlog.com facebook page, I was astounded to see a perfect photograph of the Supermoon (as it is called) seen on the 19th of March this year.  Clicked by Sajjad Fazel, the moon looks just majestic. Gosh, I

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The Weird-ass Nerdy Rockers m/

March 11, 2011 Aditya Kamath 22

Confused, eh? Don’t know what the title wants to tell you? This is what aptly describes Manipal’s own and beloved band, Zehen! Looking back at their Facebook page, this is how they describe themselves… Five Weird-ass Nerdy Rockers. Zehen, a


Them Clones and Faridkot in Manipal!

March 6, 2011 Aditya Kamath 0

In just a few days, Manipal will witness perhaps one of the biggest engineering college cultural fest in India – Revels 2011! And after that spectacular performance by Parikrama (I saw the YouTube videos, I wasn’t an MITian last year.