I Wanna

August 2, 2011 PDS Conquistador 0

I wanna walk on the grass so green, I wanna feel the sky spic clean, I wanna stop the time and relax, I wanna eraze all my life’s blacks, I wanna sleep on mumma’s lap […]


Remembering the Changes

July 19, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 0

Asphalt clouds hung down On the Southeast end of Manipal Muffling out any light That the sky could boast at one a.m. I wandered into an old cafe Looking for some kind of life. And […]


Angel so Divine

July 5, 2011 Life.in 0

So lost in a world of mine didnt hav any track of time life seemed like a bottle of wine was the illussion damn fine?. living on a mountain peak little did i no my […]