Amit and Shreya: Space-Age Love

July 3, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 2

Amit was a nice guy. A little shy maybe, but he had the basic ingredients for a normal human being. Amit didn’t go out much, said he was looking for the right girl to come along. But God, Amit was

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Stranger in a Strange Land – Book Review

July 3, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 0

Like the strange adventures of “Alice In Wonderland.” author Robert A. Heinlien captures the same aura of belief in his science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land” which describes the odyssey of a human reared on Mars. Heinlien’s main


Star Trek IV: A successful voyage

July 2, 2011 Vishaal Bhat 0

Of all the Star Trek pictures that have been made. Star Trek IV the voyage home is yet the best. With the original cast that made the first series and all the rest so popular. The new mission of the